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Ecology, conservation and threats of Maculinea nausithous. Species page, life cycle and photos. PDF | Maculinea nausithous (Bergsträsser, ) was recently discovered in two parts of the Tran-sylvanian basin. External characters of these populations. Maculinea nausithous Bergstrasser, Dusky Large Blue, Dunkle Wiesenknopf-Ameisenbläuling, Azuré des paluds, Голубянка навзитой, Մթնշաղային.

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Daisen Glaucopsyche teleius daisensis ab.

Phengaris nausithous on euroButterflies by Matt Rowlings

Maculinea arion eutyphron ; [ NHM card ]. Mongolia, East Aimak, km S of station Erentsav.

Maculinea teleius discoobsoleta ; [ NHM card ]. Maculinea alcon alconides ssp. The very dark blue of the male upperside is quickly apparent after brief observation however.

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Soria, Spain, July In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The butterflies have exactly the same habits as euphemuswith which they frequently fly together, in July and August; they are usually still more plentiful than naudithous in the places where they occur damp meadows.

Papilionidae – Hepialidae Cat. Lycaena arcus [sic, recte arcas? Webarchive template wayback links Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonomy articles nausithoous by Polbot All stub articles. Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Alexanor 20 1: Holland maculata Beuret, ; Die Lycaeniden der Schweiz 2: Glaucopsyche nausithous Phengaris nausithous Host plants: Lycaena arion taras ; Fruhstorfer,Dt.


European Lepidoptera and their ecology: Maculinea nausithous

For a key to the terms used, see Glossary of entomology terms. Otherwise, it occurs from eastern France here locally across Central Europe southern half of Germany, the Netherlands, northern Switzerland, northern Austria, Czech Republic, southern Poland, etc.

Maculinea alcon haurii ; [ NHM card ]. Field notes and information This species is so dusky, it looks rather like one of the heaths, Coenonympha. Band 1 Die Schmett. Lycaena arion insubrica ; Fruhstorfer,Dt. In this position they often curve their abdonmen around the flower head. Lycaena euphemia shiriyensis ; [ NHM card ].

Eggs are deposited into already reddish flower heads. Lycaena arion arcina ; Fruhstorfer,Soc.

Korb, [New taxa of satyrids an dblues Lepidoptera: Hokkaido, Teshio and Hikada Lycaena euphemus jezoensis ab. Retrieved from ” https: Ussuri Lycaena hironobui Sugitani, ; Zephyrus 5: It can survive long on fairly small areas of less than square metres, for example in the edge of ditches.


Iris 28 2 2: Lycaena euphemia tsugaruensis ; [ NHM card ].

There are also hints on larvae overwintering twice. Lycaena alcon monticola ; Fruhstorfer,Dt.

Maculinea cyanecula Eversmann, Mongolia. Vaud, Switzerland, June A mcaulinea telejus is trying to mate with a female nausithous. Maculinea rebeli Hirschke. Polyommatus alcon Stephens, ; Ill. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The eggs are deposited onto already reddish blossoms of Sanguisorba officinalis. Cotswold Lycaena arion ab.

Views Read Edit View history. Phengaris nausithous Dusky Large Blue. Papilio arcas ; Esper,Die Schmett.

Dusky large blue

Siberia Lycaena nausiyhous jenissejensis Sheljuzhko, ; Lep. Lycaena arion antesion Fruhstorfer, ; Dt. Maculinea arion buholzeri ; [ NHM card ]. Papiliones – Falter “Erste Band” Samml. Papilioformes of the former USSR.