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Logo EJEMPLO: Halle la suma de: + 34 Utilizando la Yupana La Yupana en la Multiplicación LA YUPANA EN LOS NÚMEROS. PROFESOR CARLOS DIAZ LA YUPANA HERRAMIENTA PARA REALIZAR CÁLCULOS. APRENDE A COMO EFECTUABAN LAS. The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: unique example of computing carried out with the method used by ancient Incas, .

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Florio, however, notes that a mistake of Poma de Ayala, in designing a black circle instead of a white one, would have been possible. For the first time we deviate from the positional numbering system and we adopt the additive, or sign-value notation.

The scholar reaches this conclusion starting from the lack of objective evidences which recognize a yupana in this object, a belief that consolidated over years only for the repeat of this hypothesis never demonstrated, and by crossing data from the Miccinelli Documents and the tocapu s catalogued by Victoria de la Jara. El texto es el siguiente: Sin embargo, en base a lo descrito por Guaman Poma, este contador y tesorero contaba gente.

Conseguently the deciphering revealed the method of computing and the number system used by Incas. Colouring to differentiate the compartments. Adorno escribe al respecto University of Texas Press.

On one side there is a rectangular tower with only one floor and three triangular compartments. Estos modelos son en madera y en piedra, y algunos de ellos tienen mas de un piso, mientras que otros no los tienen, algunos tienen casillas cuadradas y sin colores y otros circulares. Este hecho parece esencial para entender el texto de Guaman Poma y su dibujo: The theory differs from all the previous by several aspects: Fue co-autor del Catecismo en quechua y aymara.

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The representation of the numbers, then followed a vertical progression such that the units were positioned in the first row from the bottom, in the second the tens, hundreds in the third, and so on. Yupana – Quipu Transferring numbers: Conseguently the deciphering revealed the method of Bet Shemesh y Varsovia.

Wassen proposed a progression of values of the seeds that depends on their position in the table: See the following table. The Incas combine colors? Log In Sign Up. In Europe, have not yet been invented names of these numbers.

Primeramente se perdieron en aquella jornada indios y mujeres … 2. We understand how a curaca counted on the yupana its population. Como se ha notado, la cantidad total del tributo enviado fue yupanw “objetos” en total, vestidos de un lado y el trabajo de mineros para pagar la tasa de pesos en plata del otro.

With a yupana as the one designed by Poma de Ayala can yyupana be represented every multiplicands, but it is necessary to extend the yupana vertically adding rows to represent numbers whose sum of digits exceeds 5. El texto de Guaman Poma Pag. Historical information about the Inca yupana Literature.

La yupana en la enseñanza del valor posicional | Proyectos que intentar | Pinterest | Math

En la segunda frase: Secondly, the multiplicand is entered in the first column respecting the sign-value notation: Tomo I, Visita de los cuatro waranqa de los Chupachu. The Yupana so universal that it can be used for vigesimal and sexagesimal system. Ads help cover our server costs. It is a rectangular table 33×27 cm of wood which contains 17 compartments, of which 14 square2 rectangular and one octagonal.

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

Mackey, Carol et al. En la visita de Chucuito, dos khipus son transcritos. Mendizabal in the same publication pointed out that the series of numbers 1,2,3 and yuana, in the drawing of Poma de Ayala, are part of the Fibonacci sequenceand stressed the importance of “magic” that had the number 5 for civilization the north of Peruand the number 8 for the civilizations of the south of Peru.


Las divisiones son las siguientes resumen de Rostworowski y Remy, In the central part there are four square compartments, coupled between them. These seeds could be replaced with one seed of the next column, useful during arithmetic operations. C and catalogued oa Victoria de la Jara. A yupana from Quechua yupay: Esto se explica observando detalladamente lo dicho por Guaman Poma: Sin embargo, las cifras totales de mineros y de vestidos atribuidos para el tributo son completamente redondas y decimales: He interpreted the white circles as gaps, carved into yupana in which to insert the seeds described yjpana chroniclers: Help Center Find new research papers in: Ductal lavage and the clinical management of women at high risk for breast carcinoma: From Yuoana, the free encyclopedia.

Inthe English textile engineer William Burns Glynn proposed a positional base 10 solution for the yupana of Poma de Ayala. Su reflejo en la dama poderosa de Valencia, cuna del Ajedrez moderno y origen del juego de Damas. The multiplication table is short and it has oa advantage over the decimal system.

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