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Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize One of the Washington Post Book World’s 10 Best Books of the Year One of Time’s 10 Best Books of the Year USA Today’s. This is the Story of The American Military Adventure in Iraq. The Heart of the story Fiasco has to tell, which has never been told before, is that of a Military. But many officers have shared their anger with renowned military reporter Thomas E. Ricks, and in ‘Fiasco’, Ricks combines these astonishing on-the- record.

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On what stands out: How else are you going to know if you’re being successful or not, if you don’t analyze progress and make corrections where needed along the way? The congressional elections of November precipitated the “revolt of the generals”, the author says. This is not an easy read – it is gut wrenching, it is angering, it makes one wonder how the U. The inter service rivalry between the different parts of the military and even different units is a constant theme and rather more examples of its tribal nature pepper the text than those of the Iraqis whose society is constantly reffered to as tribal in nature by fiascp author and many of the Americans who are quoted in the text.

I don’t think it’s possible to read this book without coming away angry, sad, and utterly disgusted with the arrogance, dishonesty, and callous disregard for the lives and suffering of others rciks Iraqis and our own troops and their families that the Bush administration has shown and continues to show.

Before the War I saw an interview on Australian television with a military historian of some description. I looked forward to reading this book for a while. As it happened, I was th I came to this book as someone who had read more than a handful of longform journalistic pieces on the second Iraq War through the years, but would definitely claim no expertise on the matter as this is the ticks book-length treatment I’ve read on the subject.

The other thing that Ricks could have done, like Halberstam, is taken time to give a short biography on the key players. I’ll say at the outset that the book is incredibly sourced and researched and the reach of Ricks’ sources inside the American military apparatus rickx quite impressive to me.

If, like me, you would gladly eat Bill Gates alive for inflicting PowerPoint on the world — this book will help you to justify your loathing. I short, though, this an amazing book ficks should be read by all Americans today and will be used by ricka self-respecting historian in the future. I imagine some people might well think that this was a terrible and frightening vision of the world and of US foreign policy.


Red alert from the Green Zone

Fiasco deals with the history of the Iraq War from the planning phase to combat operations to and argues that the war was badly planned and executed. An excellent, ricms, and well-named review of the numerous and heretofore less well known derelictions which contributed so much to fizsco conflict in Iraq. In fact, strategy has a very different and quite simple meaning that flows from just one short set of questions. He wrote about what he researched and saw on the ground.

I listened to an abridged version of fiascp on CD. Sep 01, Greg Snyder rated it it was amazing. In fact both its Afterword: There was supposed to be 4 parts to this invasion. Recommended to Erik by: The Marine Corps Ricke a Dissent. How bad was their information stream anyway? I guess it is quite an achievement when people like Bush, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz have gotten it so wrong and are still able in their own minds to say they have gotten everything completely right — well, at least it defies satire.

Fiasco (book) – Wikipedia

Realizing how much of this basic narrative was available to me while I was neck-deep in grad school. Or were they really that arrogantly impervious to uncomfortable truths? If you’re reluctant to buy this, just read this last part while standing in the aisle at Borders.

Containment and Its Discontents. But addressing the questions well can be surprisingly difficult, and if the answers are incorrect or incomplete, or the goals listed not reachable, then the consequences can be disastrous. How will we do it, and what resources and means will we employ in doing it? He was asked what will happen if it turns out that no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq, no chemical weapons plants, no stores of biological weapons?

The only problems that remain in my mind are the questions of whether or not it’s too late, and whether or not the resources for “full support” exist. Anyone concerned about America’s future. In his concluding chapter the author, while not shying away from describing the real situation on the ground as it appeared to the Military, does give indications that the United States Military has began to learn the lessons of conducting a counter insurgency and is beginning to make tangible progress.


Sanchez’s imagination-free leadership led to the rise of I listened to an abridged version of this on CD. It’s almost like reading the middle section of the declaration of independence, which lists the abuses of King George against the colonists, but is too boring to remember. But many officers have shared their anger ciasco renowned military reporter Thomas E. I recommend this book be read by all interested in recent history, and wondering how and why we got here, and how the hell we get out.

But almost all these previous critiques focused on President Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and other civilian leaders of the Bush administration.

Ricks finds fault with the civilian government, news media, Congress, and some top commanders, but he ultimately explains things in a clear and thorough manner. It might have been worth it.

Ricks No preview available – The result was a significant improvement in Iraq’s security, albeit from a dismal starting point. Ricks also heavily criticizes the actions of L.

I turned over so many pages to go back riks see citations or quotes that I can’t possibly list a fourth of them here. There are two hopeful elements, first I learned of this book because it is being taught as part of the curriculum at West Ricos. The effects of both invasions–with inadequate troop strength, slow adaptability to the enemy’s tactics, and a lack of clear objectives and cultural awareness if not sensitivity–are still being felt, in our war dead, and our surviving veterans, and in the Middle East.

Iraq War books non-fiction books Ambassador Book Award-winning works. This is a remarkable book, and one that provides fiaxco very riicks insight into the asylum that, for a frighteningly long time, had been taken over by the lunatics. I think, as I have for years, that they were unfairly thrown into a disaster waiting to happen.

Not a single hint of the cost in death and destruction for the people faisco Central America during his time leading that counter insurgency.

It would be hard to make up a more comprehensive failure of both vision and policy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

An amazingly devastating analysis of the war in Iraq.