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But the figure in the apocalyptic vision is not that of man as we ordinarily know him.

Lifeasart rated it really liked it Dec 24, This attainment by the Spirit of a new starting-point is what is meant by the esoteric doctrine of the Octave.

For this reason systematic spiritual study commences with the contemplation of the existing cosmos, and we then transfer the conception of the monogenetic power of the Spirit from the cosmos to dorw individual and realize that the same Spirit is able to do the same thing in ourselves. Consequently his trowatd lands him in the conclusion that life is limited, because he has assumed limitation in his premises, and so-logically cannot escape from it in his conclusion.

A specific sort of individuality is formed, capable of being the link between the great Spiritual Power of the universal and the manifestation of the relative in time and space because it consciously partakes of both; and because the individual of this class recognizes the singleness of the Spirit as the starting point of all things, he endeavours to withdraw his mind from all arguments derived from external conditions, whether past or present, and to fix it upon the forward movement of the Spirit which he knows to be always identical both in the universe and in himself.

That the Universal cannot act on the plane of the Particular except by becoming the particular, that is by expression through the individual. Thomas Troward Narrated by: It is always the presence of a definite intention that distinguishes the intelligent receptive attitude of mind from a merely sponge-like absorbency, which sucks in any and every influence that may happen to be floating round: Whole volumes have been written on the topics that Murphy boils down to their essentials in this all-in-one guide.

The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human imagination, in which all things exist. The reason for this is one which I have sought to impress throughout these lectures, namely, that the specialization of a law is never the denial of it, but on the contrary the fuller recognition of its basic principles; and if this is the case in ordinary physical science it must be equally so when we come to specialize the great Law of Life itself.

We are not losing our individuality, but are coming into fuller possession of ourselves by the conscious recognition of our personal share in the great work of creation.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Thought without feeling may be constructive as in some great engineering work, but it can never be creative as in the work of the artist or musician; and that which originates within itself a new order of causation is, so far as all pre-existing forms are concerned, a creation ex nihilo, and is therefore Thought expressive of Feeling.


But what we do not know is the greater thought that is all the time giving rise to our smaller thought, and which will open out from it as our lesser thought progresses into form. But so long as you think this thought it continues to subsist, and necessarily remains present in the Divine Mind, thus fulfilling the logical conditions required for the perpetuation of the individual life. This special edition is narrated and introduced by New Thought author and historian Mitch Horowitz, who explains how to get the most from the book.

In proportion then as we learn to dissociate our conception of ourselves from particular circumstances, and to rest upon our ABSOLUTE nature, as reflections of the Divine ideal, we, in our turn, reflect back into the Divine Imagination its original conception of itself as expressed in generic or typical Man, and so by a natural law of cause and effect, the individual who realizes this mental attitude enters permanently into the Spirit of Life, and it becomes a perennial fountain of Life springing up spontaneously within him.

The whole Bible and the whole history of the world, past, present and future, are contained in embryo in the story of Eden, for they are nothing else than the continuous unfolding of certain great principles which are there allegorically stated. Such a worshipper would gladly escape from his divinity, and his worship, when analyzed, will be found to be little else than disguised hatred.

It is a teaching based upon Law, spiritual and mental, fully recognizing that no effect can be produced except by the operation of an adequate cause, and Christ is set before us both as explaining the causes and exhibiting the full measure of the effects. It must affect us in some way, otherwise we are not conscious of its existence; and according to the way in which it affects us we recognize ourselves as standing related to it.

Baali means Lord, and Ishi means husband, and so the change in relation is that of a female slave who is liberated and married to her former master. Receiving a gift does not mean that we are going to use it wisely, but we have the gift.

John sums up the whole of this position in his memorable words: But as the light breaks in upon any individual it is a new light to him, and so to each one in succession it becomes the New Thought. Omega is already potential in Alpha, just as in the Pythagorean system all numbers are said to proceed from unity and to be resolvable back again into it.

The Dore Lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1

What is required is to get at the PRINCIPLE which is at the back of the Law in its affirmative working, and specialize it under higher conditions than are spontaneously presented by nature, and this can only be done by the introduction of the personal element, that is to say an individual intelligence capable of comprehending the principle.

Why should we not, then, apply the same method to ourselves and see whether there are no potentialities hidden away in the law of our own being which trodard have not as yet by any means brought to their fulfilment?

If you can stand the rambling, pompous prose, Troward attempts to build a case for spirituality in relation to the bible.

In this way we shall find that the Tbomas spoke the literal truth, when he said, that we shall become like Thmas when we see Him AS HE IS, because the whole process by which our individuality is produced is one of reflection of the image existing in the Divine Mind. Troward was a tremendous influence on some of the world’s greatest teachers on the powers of the mind, including Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy, Emmett Fox and Frederick Bailes.


Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science

There is a very simple reason for this. We must learn to partake of the feeling, to find expression for which is the motive of his creative activity.

At the same time it will be found that, although not specially so designed, there is a certain progressive development of thought through the dozen lectures which compose this volume, the reason for which is that they all aim at expressing the same fundamental idea, namely that, though the laws of the universe can never be broken, they can be made to work under special conditions which will produce results that could not be produced under the conditions spontaneously provided by nature.

If, then, this idea is clearly grasped, it logically follows from it that the Root of Life is not to be found in the comparison of good and evil, but in the simple affirmation of the Spirit as the All-creating power of Good.

Everything has its origin in an idea, a thought; and it has its completion in the manifestation of that thought in form. This sequence doree logical because it implies a Power, an Individual who understands the Power, and a Method of applying the power deduced from understanding its nature. In this way we become centres through which the creative forces find specialization by the tho,as of that personal factor on which the specific application of general laws must always depend.

Taking this as our method, we ask, What is the affirmative factor in the whole creation, and in ourselves as included in the creation, thomax, as we found in the first lecture, this factor troaard Spirit–that invisible power which concentrates-the primordial ether into forms, and endows those forms with various modes of motion, from the simply mechanical motion of the planet up to the volitional motion in man.

In the vision ttroward St. This is the reason why, if we take the action of pure unmanifested Spirit as our starting-point, we may confidently trust it to produce manifestations of law which, though perfectly new from the stand-point of our past experience, are quite as natural in their own way as any that have gone before. Knowing, then, that by its inherent nature this Intelligence can only work to the expansion of the individual life, we can rest upon it with the utmost confidence and trust it to take an initiative which will lead to far greater results than any we could forecast from the stand-point of our own knowledge.

If these words froward the utterance of a mere sectarian superstition they are worthless; but if they are the statement of a great principle, then it is worth our while to enquire what that principle is.