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Maerua angolensis DC. [family CAPPARACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource Type. Maerua angolensis is widely distributed in continental tropical Africa but is absent in some countries with a high rainfall. It is also present in the. Abubakar, M.S., Musa, A.M., Ahmed, A. & Hussaini, I.M., The perception and practice of traditional medicine in the treatment of cancers and inflammations .

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Maerua angolensis – Useful Tropical Plants

Flowers bisexual, regular; pedicel 8—12 mm long; sepals 3—4, narrowly oblong-obovate to elliptical, 10—17 mm long, glabrous except margins; petals absent; stamens 50; ovary on a gynophore up to 4 cm long, narrowly cylindrical, 1-celled. Correspondence should be addressed to Charles Kwaku Benneh ; hg. In the pentylenetetrazole-induced convulsions, reductions in the frequency and duration of convulsions signify anticonvulsant properties of the test compound or extract. Ascorbic acid maerha used as the standard antioxidant.

Maerua angolensis angolnsis very variable in its pubescence. A leaf decoction is drunk as a cure for rheumatism. Superoxide Anion Scavenging Activity The superoxide anion scavenging activity was measured as described by Robak and Gryglewski [ 13 ]. However, the current evidence identified in our research gives some credence to the plants use in the management of epilepsy.


The 4 calyx segments recurve on opening, and the base is fringed with hairs. The GABAergic system is implicated in epilepsy, since enhancement and inhibition of the neurotransmission of GABA will attenuate and enhance convulsion, respectively [ 2122 ].

Maerua angolensis Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Click on each image to see a larger version and details of the record View all images angolesnis It is not suitable for firewood but the wood is used to make charcoal.

Honeybees feed on the flowers throughout the day. Retrieved from ” https: Maerua angolensis is widely spread in savannahs with a preference for sandy soils, from sea level up to m altitude. This page was last modified on 25 Octoberat The LPO level was estimated in brain tissue supernatant in terms of malondialdehyde MDA which was determined as per the methods of Heath and Packer [ 15 ].

Superoxide Dismutase Brain superoxide dismutase activity was measured based on the ability of SOD to inhibit autoxidation angoelnsis adrenaline to adrenochrome. All readings were normalized with the protein content of the respective tissue sample. As with most species in the naerua the twigs and branches display prominent lenticels. Eric Woode contributed to experimental concept design, data analysis, and interpretation.

Oxidative stress is gaining ground as a possible contributor to dysregulation underlying various pathologies such as anxiety and epilepsy. Diazepam, the reference anticonvulsant, delayed the onset of clonic convulsions 0.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. View at Google Scholar L. The lower and upper margins of the boxes represent 25th and 75th percentiles with the extended arms representing the 10th and 90th percentiles, respectively.


There are 2 Wikipedia citations related to Maerua angolensis DC. Estimation of Antilipid Peroxidation A modified thiobarbituric acid-reactive species TBARS assay described by Dasgupta and De [ 14 ] was used to measure the lipid peroxide formed using egg-yolk homogenates as lipid-rich media.

Maerua angolensis Maerua angolensis x 80 – 4k – thb www. It is possible that the observed effect is a result of a complex interaction of different compounds in the extract. Irrespective of these claims, there is currently little scientific evidence to support this traditional use. An additional mechanism that has received significant attention by researchers is oxidative stress and its contribution to the generation and prognosis of epilepsy [ 34 ].

Tested concentrations of MAE and ascorbic acid showed an appreciable reduction in the formation of thiobarbituric acid-reactive species from the yolk substrate Figure 5 c. There are 3 study abstracts related to Maerua angolensis DC. In Namibia a decoction of the roots is taken as an emetic. The useful plants of West Tropical Africa.