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Lullaby by Leslie Marmon Silko – Summary. The story is comprised mostly of the main character’s thoughts, which I decided were more easily. According to Suzanne Lundquis, the three forms of this trend are: Reclamation of heritage through literary expression; Discovery and. deals with a short story “Lullaby” (), written by Leslie Marmon Silko, and Key Words: Native Americans, Leslie Marmon Silko, memories, storytelling, loss, .

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In all of her work, Silko is interested in representing the storytelling style of the Native American oral tradition in the form of written English. White doctors came to her house, trying to get her to sign some piece of paper. The army blanket comes to hold great sentimental value, as it is a tangible reminder of Jimmie, whose body was never siljo.

Swann, Brian, Introduction, Smoothing the Ground: The lullaby itself combines images of nature and family to affirm both in eternal unity.

The mixed discourse as a tool enables meaning making in a diverse population of readers and initiates the great challenge for Native American writers, which is to teach readers how to read this kind of work, both on traditionally Anglo and Native American levels.

Lullaby | Introduction & Overview

Because she does not speak their language, she has no idea why they have come to her home. Inestimates accounted for about of those still spoken.

At each point, the English language is zilko in breaking the bond that ties Ayah and her family together through their Navajo cultural heritage.

In this interweaving of various literary forms, Silko attempted to capture the storytelling forms of the oral. Yet, this is the same language Silko chooses for her story. The blanket is a reminder of her son Jimmie, who had sent it to her while serving combat in war.


In Ceremony the protagonist is, like Silko, of mixed ethnic heritage and reflects a hybrid cultural consciousness, capable of understanding both Native American and Anglo sensibilities. When a white man comes to the door to inform them that their son Jimmie has died in the war, Ayah is unable to understand him; her husband Chato has to translate for her.

Lullaby Poem by Leslie Marmon Silko – Poem Hunter

The blanket mixes images of traditional Native American culture with modern American culture in a way that becomes meaningful to Ayah. Almanac of the Dead has received a mixed response from critics. On the first visit, there is a blonde white woman and a thin white woman. Even more devastating, however, is her memory of the time her two young children, Danny and Ella, were taken away from her.

In the present tense of the story, Ayah is an old woman reflecting on her personal history: After the couple began receiving federal assistance checks in order to survive, Chato would cash the check and immediately go spend it at the bar.

An old woman in the present tense of the story, Ayah thinks back on key events in her life. On the one hand, this is true. This book is part of a series entitled American Indian Lives.

A motif siko a minor theme or element that recurs throughout the story, gathering significance with each new appearance.

She even sleeps outside until winter sets in, her only comfort lullabu the army blanket given to her by Jimmie. When she does not find him there, she goes out in the snow to search for him, and comes upon him walking toward home.


Silko was in fact the first Native American woman ever to publish a novel. She has explained that Pueblo Indian culture is in many ways matriarchal, and that women and men do not suffer the kinds of gender inequalities present in Anglo culture.

InCongress passed the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, which protects Native American cultures from lullabyy removal of cultural artifacts by archaeologists and other collectors.

Lullaby – Poem by Leslie Marmon Silko

Having learned much about her Laguna Pueblo cultural heritage from her grandmother and other female relatives, Silko often focuses on themes of the ways in which lullay culture is passed on through the matrilinear generations. Rather, it is their encounters with white culture which lead to alienation between them.

But she could not bear this pain. Furthermore, she is unable to read the contract they want her to sign. On one level, the English—speaking white community uses a language that takes away, that results in the loss of her children. A collection of short stories by immigrant and minority authors that present alternative visions of America. Her first book of poetry, Laguna Woman, referring to her heritage as part Laguna Pueblo Indian, was published in She later loses her two young ssilko, Danny and Ella, to the white doctors who intimidate her into signing an agreement allowing them to take the children to a sanitarium.

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