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Nizami, poet of the most famous version of “Leyli and Majnun.” .. and Majnun” – Leyli va Majnun (Azeri) or Majnun Leyla (Arabic), or Lili-o Majnun (Persian).

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The Virgin and Her Lover: In Arabic poetic tradition, the first verses of poems are devoted to love stories – a tradition which has not changed even up through our modern period. A Realist’s Guide To Mahnoon.

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Layla and Majnun – Wikipedia

If we go back to the Middle Ages at the time of the troubadours and crusaders of the 11thth centuries, we discover that much of Western courtly literature can be traced to Oriental literature which, in turn, has influenced more recent works such as the 13th century German epic by Gottfried von Strassburg “Tristan und Isolde,” the early 13th century French fable, “Aucassin et Nicolette,” as well as William Shakespeare works of the 16th century and innumerable others.

The story of Leipi and Majnun was known in Persia as early as the 9th century. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Views Read Edit View history.

Layla and Majnun

Sometimes they swoon on seeing their love. But the same thing could be said about other decisive religious dogmas.

You have bewitched me, you have robbed me of my sleep, my reason, my very being. Her terms were accepted and Layla got married, but her heart still longed for Majnun. Long before Nizami, the legend circulated in anecdotal forms in Iranian leii. Simply his philosophy was nothing more than striving to draw closer to God on the highest level.

Manuscripts, editions and translations. The number and variety of anecdotes about the lovers also increased considerably from the twelfth century onwards. Western tradition in the Middle Ages is just the opposite. By using this site, you agree to the Terms vw Use and Privacy Policy.

When the lovers eventually met at the end and died from the insanity of their love amour fouthe entire audience, composed mainly of Afghani fierce fighters and Majmoon merchants, was sobbing. He immediately travelled to the place where Layla had been buried and there he wept and wept until he too surrendered to the impossible grief and died at the graveside of his one true love.


Rudolf Gelpke, “Many later poets have imitated Nizami’s work, even if they could not equal and certainly not surpass it; Persians, Turks, Indians, to name only the most important ones. Nizami’s legacy is immense as one of the strongest artistic and intellectual personalities of the second half of the 12th century. We are back and want YOUR help! Layla was forced to mqjnoon this other lrili, although she did not love him because her heart still belonged majnon Majnun.

He is presented as a poet who is able to compose dazzling poetry in various poetic genres. But it is clear for mystics as well as those who are more inclined with secular concerns that there is a gradation between the love of creatures and the love of God himself, the Creator.

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In the coda, someone dreams that they are united in Paradise, living as a king and queen. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Many have been deemed so beautiful that they were set to music. He was a humanist who described nature with fervor, and human passions with sensuality and perception.

He was sure of this love on the very first day he laid his eyes upon her at vw traditional school. But he loves this anguished confinement and cannot stop loving it, sealing an irreversible fate.

In the process of preparing majnooon article, the Ambassador supplemented his own reference works with materials he discovered in Baku’s Institute of Manuscripts. As we noted before, Persians were present and influential in Mecca far before the time of Prophet Mohammad, of whom Salman-e Pak Salman, the Pure was among the closest friends.


Contemplating the image of Leyli increases his love so that he cannot eat or sleep. Then comes the period of Nizami. Nizami’s work has been translated into many languages.

In Eastern tradition, the mad love which leads to death and to God, is chaste love. In some versions of the story, it is Leyli who dies first and then afterwards Majnun. One of the major contributions of Plato to humanity is certainly the belief that there are several stages to understanding the nature of man, the world and the divine. Such passionate displays of love and devotion caused many to refer to the boy as Majnun, meaning madman.

The threads of each man’s fate extend well beyond the boundaries of the visible world. The relevant sources are described and studied in a pioneering article by I.

The anecdotes are mostly very short, only loosely connected, and show little majnoon no plot development. The inclination of even the simplest people for classical love poetry, particularly when recited or sung, is obvious.

Another variation on the tale tells of Layla and Majnun meeting in school. She composes exquisite poems, and takes the initiative in arranging meetings with Majnun. In some versions, Layla dies of heartbreak from not being able to see her would-be lover. Many other minor incidents happened between his madness and his death. But He also listens and always comes back to His friends, whose souls must be both satisfied and satisfying.

LEYLI O MAJNUN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Women are, like gardens, inseparable from the vision of Paradise. Creatures are not forbidden to fulfill their material destiny, leoli pleasures and afflictions have to be understood as progressing many steps forward. Analysis of the story. Eventually she found an old man who claimed to have seen Majnun in the desert.