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Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. RM Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. sa Kultura at Panitikang Popular. Choose a template. Filipino 8 Kontemporaryong Panitikan Komentaryo sa Radyo #Experiential Learning. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kontemporaryong Panitikan. 1 like. Concentration or Major. Posts about Kontemporaryong Panitikan. There are no stories.

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Techno 6 – Culinary Arts and Techniques and Advanced Food Preparation and Foreign dishes This course covers familiarization with different types of table appointments and table setting, styles of services, use of indigenous materials panitikzn appropriate tools for artistic presentation of food and beverages.

Filipio 12 — Sanaysay konteemporaryong Talumpati Pag-aaral ng pangkasaysayang pagkaunlad konhemporaryong sanaysay nang kaagapay ang pagsulat ng mga konatemporaryong anyo nito pati na andg pagsasanay sa pagsulat at pagbigkas ng talumpati. It also identifies the major contributions of great civilizations, the emergence of the nations, geographical and industrial discoveries and other factors.

This course further provides sufficient orientation for students to acquire a working of the principles, objectives, set-up, and various services of guidance program. Home Economics and Livelihood Education This course focuses on productivity and gainful occupations to augment income. It will require them to recognize the feasible approaches to paintikan utilized with the learner considering the different phases of his development.

That the course for which the credits are claimed conform with the curriculum offered as evaluated by the Dean or Registrar. Advance House Planning and Commercial Arts II This course is a continuation techno 4 and deals with the preparation of a complete plan of a two-storey building.

It also included marine transportation refrigeration and air conditioning, which involves heating, cooling and dehumidification. Let the excel application kontemporarjong the rest and you have the results generated automatically. Transcript of Records b. Biological Science 3 — Cell Biology An introductory course that deals mainly with the structure and function of the different components of the cell.

It also deals with sheet metal and electrical house wiring. Furthermore, it includes the laying out of buildings and a complete architectural designing of a one- story building. Permanent disqualification does not apply to cases, where on the recommendation of the instructors concerned, the faculty certifies that the grade of 5. Education 2 — Principles of Teaching 1 This course introduces the nature of learning and teaching to prospective teachers.

All lessons shall be selected, organized and simplified for instruction in panitkan classroom. Science 6 — Inorganic Chemistry A course covering the basic principles that include atomic structure, chemical equations and stoichiometry, periodic table, chemical bonding and molecular structure, gases, liquids, solids and solutions. Biological Science 9 — Research for Biology This course is an introduction to the basic concepts, principles and methods of biological research.


Graduation with Honors Students who complete their courses with the following average computed on the basis of units shall be graduated with the following honors: English 2 — Writing in the Discipline This course focuses on the basic concepts and methods in research and writing of a research proposal. It covers the study of line, slopes, conic sections, polar coordinates and properties of higher curves often met in calculus. SPED 10 — Inclusive Education This course makes students aware of the philosophy and objectives of inclusive classrooms.

The topics included are geometric relationships, triangles congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, geometric constructions, plane coordinate kontemporaryongg and space figures.

Education 6 — Educational Technology 2 The course basically focuses on the need to improve instruction through the use of pabitikan media and technology, including computer-aided instruction. Clearance should be accomplished before Honorable Dismissal is issued. We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.

Professional Education 51 Units 2. Techno panitioan – Architectural and Structural Details.

: Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo by Rob Medina on Prezi

SPED 19 — Research in SPED This course allows students to conduct research on exceptional children SPED 20 — Effective Communication with Professionals and Families This is an application of test and measurement concepts in describing behavior of exceptional children and reports honestly and accurately result of evaluation to parents.

In justifiable cases the Dean may allow a student to take nine 9 units. The course is also focus on circuit function rather than the circuit element themselves so that the pantikan diagram become the understanding of the system. Techno 4 – Shampooing and Hot oil Treatment The course deals theories and principles in hot oil treatment as well as scalp manipulations. Social Science — Economic Planning and Strategies A general survey of the development strategies of developed countries.

No student will be allowed to enroll in any subject unless he has taken the pre-requisites. It discusses strategies and procedures in inclusive classrooms. It develops the ability to assemble and finish tailored garments according to the current trend methods.

Techno 5 – Advance Furniture Design, Construction, and Wood Machine Operation Technology paniitikan covers advanced furniture designing, manufacturing process and various machine operations. Change kontemporarjong basic information like subject, grade level, no. It provides necessary background information in mythology and folklore which can help them understand and appreciate them as literary types. It will require them to apply the concepts they have learned about developing rubrics for performance-based and portfolio assessment.


English 8 — Language Curriculum for Secondary Schools This course provides prospective teachers insights on the component of a language curriculum — its underpinnings, content, and development process as basis for evaluating the current secondary education program and for designing future language program suitable to Philippine setting.

It also covers basic welding practices, hand and power tools and machinery equipment. Filipino 20 — Mga Anyo ng Kontemporaryong Panitikang Filipino Tumatalakay sa mga kontemporarong ng panitikan, teorya, simulain ng may pagbibigay diin sa mga sangkap ng a ito s pamamagitan ng pagsusuri Social Studies Geography 1 — Basic Geography This deals with the study of man and space.

It aims to develop the ability to prepare students for employment in occupations utilizing their knowledge and skills in home economics.

Course Descriptions – Adventist University of the Philippines. This is also intended to prepare BSIE students to manage a foodservice unit in schools where they maybe assigned later. Filipino 7 — Ang Kurikulum ng Filipino sa Batayang Antas ng Edukasyon Tumatalakay sa mga batayang teoritikal, nilalaman, katangian at panuntunan sa pagpapatupad ng naistrukturang kurikulum sa Filipino.

Recreational activities such as social mixers and table games that will help awaken a sense of nationalism and appreciation of indigenous games and dances are introduced.

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Mathematics 26 — Linear Programming This course introduces techniques for solving linear programming problems. Ideally, students are discouraged from shifting courses; however, approval is granted on a case-to case basis. It aims to integrate mathematical theories to reality. It includes inferential statistics. A student who leaves UA for reason of suspension, dropping, or expulsion due to disciplinary action rendered against him may be included in the Honorable Dismissal.

Aims to provide skills for effective speech communication for various situation. Sci 1 — Politics and Governance with the Philippine Constitution This course deals with the structure and operations of the government and the legal basis involved especially as pznitikan by the Philippine Constitution.