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View and Download Pentax K10D operating manual online. SLR Digital Camera. K10D Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Have tried your link three times ” page not found”. Searched the UK site.. . found the K10D pics, specs, etc but no manual. Maybe. You’ll do better with the K10D if you take time to read the manual and learn every little function. The large Mode dial on top of the camera controls the main.

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Such adjustment is useful when using the particular light source all the time, or when making faithful reproduction of specific colors. Move the main switch to [OFF] position to turn off the camera. Film-format SLR mamual can make wise use of daylight and tungsten films and light balancing filters to ensure the reproduction of true-to-life colors and create different atmospheres.

The default setting is [0 Standard ] for all.

Instead, the camera has an optical viewfinder, where you get something better: High-speed flash sync can be used with the flash attached to the camera, or wireless. Page Hyper-program To change the shutter speed You can switch to Shutter Priority automatic exposure by turning the front e-dial in e Hyper-program mode. This enables you to capture sharp pictures with minimal camera shake regardless of the lens type.

Use the four-way controller 45 to choose the number of copies and press the four-way controller 3. Several of the Pentax K10D’s control buttons k01d multiple functions, which saves space and time. Using The Histogram Press the four-way controller Using The Built-in Flash Using the Built-in Flash If you wish to discharge the flash in a dark or backlit location, press the K button to pop up the flash.


Set in [Date Adjust] in the [R Set-up] menu. It also takes o10d subject’s distance into exposure calculation to compensate for different reflection rates of the background. Protecting All Images Press the Q button. The horizontal axis represents brightness dark at the left and bright at the right and the vertical axis represents the number of pixels.

Adjust the Color Temperature with the front and rear e-dial. Turn the rear e-dial while pressing the ] button. Focusing Focusing You can focus with the following methods. First option shakes the sensor when you press OK from this menu, Start-up action shakes sensor on startup.

Only available if Shake Reduction switch is on and lens in use does not support automatic lens information communication.

The color of light shifts to a bluish color as the color temperature rises, and to a reddish color kk10d the color temperature falls.

Setting the Exposure Effect of Aperture and Shutter Speed Correct exposure of the subject is determined by the combination of shutter speed and aperture setting. Sets to sRGB color space.

Page Choose the number of copies and whether to mabual the date or not. You can print up to 99 copies.

Use the four-way controller 23 to choose the number of copies. Adjust with the front e-dial and rear e-dial. Getting Started Getting Started This chapter explains your first steps from purchasing the camera to taking pictures. The multi-image options screen appears.


Sets functions of e-dial in Sensor priority mode. Sets the ISO point at which the camera displays a high sensitivity warning.

K10D user’s manual is now online –

The setting returns to the default setting with the reset function p. The current time, location and time difference of the selected city appears. Page Using the e Hyper-program Mode Automatically sets shutter speed and aperture to the proper exposure according to Program line when taking pictures. To remove the battery, push the battery lock lever in the direction of the arrow 1 with your hand.

The k10s is changed. Insert until the battery locks. Information on disposal for manuap 1. ISO warning is not displayed by default.

Pentax K10D User Manual

Navigate Review Jump to review page Turn the zoom ring to the right or left. Mode] menu is explained as an example. Marked with an “Av,” this mode gives user control of aperture, while the camera selects the shutter j10d. Called Hyper-program, K10D selects shutter speed and aperture, while you control all other exposure variables.

Page Use the four-way controller 23 to choose the parameter you want to change.