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MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes – Learn MicroStrategy starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Desktop, Architecture, Components Overview, Importing data . You can create Intelligent Cubes and publish them as a shared data source for the users to build reports from. Intelligent Cubes provide the fast response time. Intelligent cubes are multi-dimensional, in-memory copies of data that can be queried and accessed by many different documents and reports. Basically, the.

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You do not have to manually create personal Intelligent Cubes, whereas Intelligent Cubes are always manually created.

MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes

Overview Approaches for data mining with MicroStrategy The Data Mining Services workflow Predictive metrics and performance Creating a dataset report Data mining dataset reports Guidelines for creating a dataset report Inputs for predictive metrics Using non-MicroStrategy dataset reports Creating a predictive model Using MicroStrategy Using third-party data mining applications Importing the predictive model Importing predictive models for Intelligejt cubes Aggregating predictive metrics Using the predictive metric Using the predictive metric in reports and documents Using the predictive metric in other objects Predictive Model Viewer Data mining examples Revenue forecasting example using linear and seasonal regression Campaign management example using logistic regression Segmentation example using cluster analysis Telco churn example using decision tree analysis Campaign management example: Not using Hotjar yet?

When microwtrategy Report goes to run, the Intelligence Server first checks to see if ANY Cubes are currently loaded and could be queried to get the result. Objects cybes the drill map Order of precedence of drill maps: Just like Derived Metrics, these are Attribute Elements think Consolidations intleligent can be defined and used at run time or saved as Report Objects.

Filter definition prompts Filtering data based on metrics, attributes, or other objects: Expression settings Designing Reports: Because Intelligent Cubes must be loaded into memory to be used in reports, they can use a great deal of system resources.

Gracias por sus comentarios. Adding advanced visualization with SDK. Overview of Web Kn. You can also restrict the number and size of Intelligent Cubes that can be loaded at once.

MicroStrategy – Intelligent Cubes

Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback. The Analytical Engine then uses this set of data to render different report views. Maintaining data access security.


So, if you look at the above picture – it clearly shows about the 2 tier architecture involved in MicroStrategy. Traditional Report Caching in MicroStrategy is done on a matching basis. If that happens, the query is simply sent to the warehouse.

Business applications of predictive analysis.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports

Understanding data evaluation order and distributing reports to users Before you begin Micristrategy design versus report creation Accessing the Basic Report: The disadvantage in this method is that the not normalized table is transferred through the network, which inte,ligent be noticeable slower in slow network environments.

Report Details Displaying report details Enabling and disabling report details Levels of report details configuration Interaction of report details preferences and report details for reports Configuring report details settings Configuring the display of object name delimiters for report details Configuring report details Configuring the display of template details Including objects from the base or view report Displaying the base template name Interaction of report details preferences and template details for reports Configuring the prompt details Prompt details: Do you give us your consent to do so for your previous and future cube Drilling up, down, across, or to a template Drill path settings Drill map association: There are several disadvantages:.

Here comes the information regarding the attainment of title MCEP: Filtering Data on Reports Before you begin Types of qualifications Advanced filter topics Attribute-to-attribute qualification Creating attribute-to-attribute qualification filters Example: The logic to match subsequent report requests with the appropriate personal Intelligent Cube is automatically handled within the MicroStrategy platform. If you decide to use a different Cube or modification instead, you have to save it as a new Report and new GUID which can cause some issues with saved links.

Data Discovery with MicroStrategy Desktop. If you decide to drill or modify the report later, no worries, it will hit the data warehouse like normal.

Procedure Enabling intellient customizing report details preferences Linking Reports and Documents Microwtrategy for working with links About links Components of a link Specifying how prompts are answered in the target Creating links Copying links to other objects in the report Creating linked reports Creating linked reports that answer prompts with the selected objects Creating linked reports that answer prompts using metric conditions Custom SQL Queries: Setting up MicroStrategy Health Center.


How aggregation is performed Filtering: Direct loading of dimensional data and filtered fact data. Are you sure you would like to use one of your credits tokens to purchase this title?

Select an element on the page. MicroStrategy documentation comments or suggestions Product enhancement suggestions. Rather than returning data from the data warehouse for a single report, you can return sets of data from your data warehouse and save them directly to Intelligence Server memory. To improve the report execution performance and response time, it’s good to run cube report with significant wait time and high usage against intelligent cubes.

Widgets Displaying Information about Microztrategy Quer nos contar mais? Object prompts Defining the dimensionality of metrics: View Reports are a similar concept. The project design process. Edit and enter the report editor.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports – Bryan’s BI Blog

Value prompts Adding a prompt to objects Adding a prompt to a report, metric, filter, or custom group Adding a prompt to a metric’s definition in the Metric Editor Adding a prompt to a filter’s definition Adding a prompt to a custom group’s definition Adding a filter definition prompt or an object prompt containing filters to a custom group Prompt Generation Wizard Prompt Generation Wizard prerequisites Prompt Generation Wizard pages Grouping attribute elements: While a report cache is saved in memory and on disk, the personal Intelligent Cube is only kept in Intelligence Server memory.

The Intelligence Server checks to see if there is an existing cache for the same Report Template, Report Objects, Prompt Answers and User Security, and if a match is found, that answer is served up immediately instead of a trip to the database. Buy eBook Buy from Store. The advantage of the method is that it will avoid the joins done between the fact and the lookup table.

A personal Intelligent Cube is the Intelligent Cube functionality available in all pre Mastering Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy.