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Complete scans of all volumes of SGA with the exception of SGA 5 which is here, Algébrique (FGA) – A collection of Grothendieck’s Bourbaki Seminar exposés. book “Revetements Etales et Groupe Fondamental”, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, , Springer-Verlag, , by Alexander Grothendieck et al. In French. Préfaisceaux, par A. Grothendieck et J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Topologies et faisceaux, par J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Fonctorialité des.

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The job of typesetting the text anew and proofreading it was then distributed among dozens of volunteers most of them junior French mathematicians, because of the required fluency in French and knowledge of algebraic geometrystarting with SGA1 in late Dear Matthew, may I ask I am just very curious, since you know so much about Grothendick style AG and use it so fluently: When you are starting to learn algebraic geometry you have to cover a lot of material.

You want to be able to do exercises, then answer questions, then ask questions, then do something new. But one thing to remember is that many very clever people have pored over the details of EGA and SGA for many years now, and it so it is going to be hard for anyone to find interesting new results that can be obtained just by applying the ideas from these sources alone as important as those ideas are.

These were published as the seminar proceeded, beginning in the early 60’s and continuing through most of the decade.


Seminaire de Geometrie Algebrique

The French language may be a barrier for some, but one doesn’t have to “learn French” to learn enough to understand EGA. I don’t think I have the attention span or the time nowadays to read them front-to-back. So you go up to a bigger DVR B grothdndieck making some base extension. Even if you want to make progress in a very general, abstract setting, you will need ideas to come grofhendieck somewhere, motivated perhaps by some new phenomenon you observe in geometry, or number theory, or arithmetic, or ….

Thus, under the impetus of various mathematicians from several countries, a project was formed of re-publishing SGA in a more widely available electronic format and using LaTeX for typesetting; also, various notes are to be added to correct for minor mistakes or obscurities.

I do hear that there exist Russian and Chinese translations. Dear Ravi, sg sentence Some will read them later for “pleasure”, like reading the grothendkeck is very unexpected, profound and thought-provoking.

Note that there is a chapter 0 that continues at the beginning of each chapter, establishing preliminaries from topologycategory theorycommutative algebrahomological algebraetc. Perhaps students should be encouraged to dip into EGA a little, to realize that it isn’t scary, just long, so when they really need it, they grothendiwck be fearful.

Then you start working on a concrete research problem and you learn the tools to deal with it and your immediate algebro-geometric neighborhood.

I think it is common when learning algebraic geometry to return to the same subjects over and over again but at a different level.

His constructions are “morally wrong” but “technically correct” see his construction of the structure sheaf or the sheafification. I haven’t needed it yet, but the day might come.

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number theory – Translation for EGA/SGA – Mathematics Stack Exchange

Mark Haiman has an English version of the table of contents for EGA, which is helpful if you’re searching for something. Sign up using Email and Password. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat In response to a similar question asked on Terry Tao’s blog, I posted the following advice:.

I dislike Hartshorne’s book immensely. Some will read them later for “pleasure”, like reading the classics. Here is a list of what you must cover: On the other hand, I have it on my shelf and am perfectly comfortable referring to it when necessary.

For reading EGA the most precious and rich grothsndieck not only in the context of algebraic geometry but throughout all of mathematics first you need to learn a little French language.

Hartshorne’s book is good, but at times he considers only schemes over algebraically closed fields, where he could be more general. The Wikipedia entry lists all of the seminars.

And then they usually prefer EGA to other grothendidck books. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

If you are serious about arithmetic geometry, then it is hard to avoid reading mathematical French. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Silverman Fulton’s intersection theory.