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Since , we’ve been supplying official line-up details to Clashfinder, a Glastonbury fansite which offers Festival-goers the chance to. We’ve been asked to pass on this message from Public Enemy: Unfortunately Flavor Flav cannot leave the USA due to immigration issues, Chuck D regrets the . Glastonbury , June . You can now download this year’s Clashfinder line-up PDFs James Hassan @cassettequality 25 Jun More .

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It was sent to your hotmail account.

Fat Boy Slim on the Saturday night, yayyyy!! Referring 2031 the above – I mean having the site figure this out for you automatically at print time versus having to go through and un-check stages manually in the prefs.

Guest – Rich Follow clashfinder on Twitter for notification of updates to this clashfinder. Hi I have a mate playing on the Igloo stage, It’s not included on the clashfinder or i couldn’t find it.

Glastonbury 2013 Clashfinder

Guest – Mike Guest – Tim Is this going to be updated with all stages? Ditto, any idea when we’ll have at least a fuller list even if the times are out?!


Have spotted several missing acts in its current version. Rev 69 Rev 79 No sign of it anywhere! Thanks georgewinstanley Rev I hope they are as I will be there Definitely the wrong way round. Maybe I failed to click the Update button or something.

Clashfinder :: Glastonbury Clashfinder :: Landing Page

The Pilton Palais details are not glastonbruy. Are there some stages not shown on this map? What browser should i use, im on a mac. Rev 84 Ive almost ripped a whole roll of tissue up wating for a fuller clash finder. Rev 25 Rev 64 I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good idea because it would scupper people with old computers who’ve been having trouble viewing the full clashfinder.

Glastonbury clashfinder: the worst clashes on ‘s line-up

Sorry halvin, can you rollback to rev 93? Rev 71 I clashfidner have any plans for an app but I’m working on a version of the clashfinder to go on the mobile page and I’m trying to get the page to cache so it’s available when you don’t have a data connection.


How do i print it with my selected colours for highlighted bands etc??? Clashfindef 3 Any idea which stage?

But hopefully there’ll be the “big” announcement next week like they’re telling on the silver hayes facebook-page! All of these stages have times on the official page but not on here gully bbc stone bridge bar university of glastonbury heaven lounge stage genosis block 9 london underground The cave The Temple Unfairground Caberet Glade Lounge Beat hotel They’re there.

Guest – Dan Thomas Happy to do it myself but obviously can’t access right now. Rev 47 Rev 56 Rev 23 OK, emails have just been sent. Glashonbury 95 Hi Halvin, Cheers for all the hard work. Rev 38