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Production of quality flowers requires shade house (50%) or naturally ventilated polyhouse. Day temperature of °C and night temperature of °C are. Gerbera Project Report For Polyhouse, Greenhouse Cultivation: Are you planning to grow Gerbera flowers under polyhouse? Then this project report is for you. Gerbera cultivation in Greenhouse. Soil Requirement in Gerbera Flower Farming : The soil should be well drained, light, fertile/rich, slightly alkaline (or) neutral.

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GERBERA Cultivation: How to Grow and Protect Gerbera Flower

Log into your account. Immediately after plantation, irrigate the plant with overhead irrigation for 4 weeks to enable uniform root development. The plants could have a deficiency due to the lack of elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and boron, therefore it is recommended to use chelated sources of these micro elements as a foliar spray to eliminate the deficiency.

For easy movement and better drainage, raised beds are created for Gerbera cultivation. Biological way of controlling these diseases is to use trichoderma viridae and trichoderma herzenium fungicides.

Gerbera Project Report, Polyhouse, Greenhouse Cultivation | Agri Farming

Welcome to Krishi Sandesh! You can easily market yreenhouse you get hold of any event management people. Following is the manures and fertilization schedule in Gerbera cultivation.


Click here to post a comment. Profit from the farm is: Before adding fertilizers, water quality has to be properly maintained.

Gerbera cultivation guide

Assumptions of Gerbera Project Report: Commercial value in this flower market is high in India. Immediately after bed preparation basal dose of the certain fertilizers has to be provided and mixed with the upper soil layer. Dirty water in the rainy season, there are favorable conditions for the development and spread of nematodes. Harvesting is done, when flowers completely open or when outer 2 to 3 rows of disc florets are perpendicular to the stalk.

The land of the greenhouse should be levelled properly; there should be availability of good quality water and hygiene and sanitation of the area should also be given highest priority.

Soil and sand should be mixed with organic manure in recommended quantities because organic manure is expected to improve the soil texture and gradually provide nutrients. The hot and dry climate is suitable for whitefly growth, whitefly feeds on the lower part of the leaves; a lot of honeydew secrete which leads to the development of black Sufi mold on cuotivation leaves.

GERBERA Cultivation: How to Grow and Protect Gerbera

Loans and subsidies are also given on the basis of economic and social status of the individual. Raking increases soil aeration. I want to start Gerbera flower farming in polyhouse. Red spider mite Tetranychus urticae Spraying of Dicofol 0. Removing greenyouse old, dry and infested leaves from the plants and burning them outside the farm area or adding them to a compost pit is an effective way of controlling disease and pest infestation.


Picking should be done in the morning or late evening when the temperatures are low. Land Preparation in Gerbera Flower Farming: Is there any better option other than polyhouse that I can start utilizing same investment.

The specifications of greenhouse are:. Notify me of new posts by email.

How to start this Polyhouse farming?. Cost and profit analysis of Gerbera cultivation. The beds should be subsequently watered thoroughly to drain the chemicals before planting.


Each flower is sleeved with a polythene bag of dimensions 4. Strawberry Farming Guide For Beginners.

The plant may require micronutrients on a daily or weekly basis depending on the type of deficiency. These flowers can be cultivated in open fields under tropical climatic conditions.