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GE Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions GE EVS Part B Important Questions common for all Departments GE GE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTIONS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. GE GE Environmental Science and Engineering Two Mark With Answers 2 Mark Question with answer List the important causes of water conflicts?.

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Red Data Book is a book that provides data on population status of the endangered species of plants and animals. Define food chain and food web? What are the objectives of family welfare programmes? Environmental ethics is the ethical r ealtionship between human beings a nd the environment in which they live. List the important causes of water conflicts? What is hazardous waste? Anna University rules for University Examination.

All forms of plant life that live in a particular geographic region at a particular time in history is called flora. The destruction of forest resources by many natural or man-made activities is called deforestation. The contamination of the air with dust, fumes, gas, mist, odor, smoke, or vapor which causes harmful effects on living organisms is called air pollution.

Where enyineering the Menu? Particulates are dispersed solid or liquid particles of microscopic size in gas media. What is red data book? However the domain and all the information posted until now will be available as before. It is managed by Balaji MC Admin. Lowering of the quality of environment caused by natural and human activities is called environmental pollution.


What do you mean by overgrazing? Ozone, scisnce smog etc. What is doubling time? Rain containing relatively high concentrations of acids produced by sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other such gases that result from the combustion of fossil fuels and from certain industrial processes.

Environmental science and engineering Two Marks Wi Tsunami is a series of large seismic sea waves that can cause major destruction in coastal regions. Human rights are those basic rights which are essential for the development of human personality such as right to life, liberty, property and security of an indi. Engineerong air pollutants with suitable examples?

GE , GE Environmental Science and Engineering – NOTES ~ EEEcube

Car reversing horn with flasher. Addition of excess of undesirable heat environmemtal water that makes it harmful to aquatic life is called thermal pollution.

What is ecological succession? Hot spots are the areas that are extremely rich in bio-diversity, have high level of endemism and are under constant threat of species extinctions and habitat destruction. All animal life that lives in a particular geographic region at a particular time in history is called fauna. What do you mean by desertification? Reusing involves using a product more than once in its original form. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Environmental science and engineering Questions B Non renewable energy resources are those natural resources which are exhaustible and cannot be replaced once they are used.


State the role and responsibility of an individual in the prevention of pollution? Addition of harmful chemical substances and waste materials to ocean that makes it harmful to aquatic life is called marine pollution.

D— Biochemical Oxygen Demand The amount of oxygen in water consumed for chemical oxidation of pollutants is called C. What is watershed management? Land degradation refers to loss of fertility or productive capacity of the wngineering.

What is global warming? Anna University – B. It is a treatment technology involving destruction of waste by controlled burning at high temperatures. D— Chemical Oxygen Demand B. What do you mean by hot spots of bio diversity? What is ozone hole or ozone layer depletion?

Genetic diversity refers to bio diversity engineeirng to genetic variation with in each species.

GE2021 Environmental Science & Engineering Notes | Syllabus | Question Bank | Important Questions

What is air pollution? Post a Comment Note: Primary air pollutants are those which are emitted directly to the atmosphere. What are land slides?