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Friday Night Alibi: A Novel – Ebook written by Cassie Mae. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline. In the wealthy town of Sundale, Kelli Pinkins has hatched the perfect plan to capitalize on her sweet reputation. For a generous fee, she will be. For a generous fee, she will be every trust-fund baby’s dream: a Friday-night alibi, the “girlfriend” or “BFF” that parents dream about. With college approaching in.

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Second of Third Degree. Casdie seems to be the perfect girl. The main character seemed immature and hadn’t made the move from “high-school” living still with mommy and daddy to venturing out on her own. Kelli is a really sweet girl who combines helping out her friends while making a large pile of cash at the same time.

You wish you weren’t invisible to your parents. I really hate not liking a book, so when I found myself rolling my eyes and scoffing at everything I read, I started to get more and more upset. And I totally fell in love with Chase! He comes on like a swaggering wise guy, but its all an act.

Loved everything about this book! Kelli and Chase are so much fun, and had me laughing from the “gum incident.

Book Review: Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

Marshall Collins makes me wonder about everything I missed while I was growing up too fast. The nicknames they had for one another ‘stinky’ and ‘moron’ ugh some people might find it cute whereas I found it so annoying they aren’t five years old! I love the ESR easy, alubi, romantic ones!! World-famous for its pastrami, cole slaw, and for its disappearing managers.


Chase was just as perfect. It was nice to see something a little more comedic and flirty and that didn’t follow all the same grains of the genre for once, and I think Cassie Mae hits the nail on the head for writing something that goes against the current grain on some levels. Random House Flirt Publish Date: It was hard for me to consider at times that Chase was a college student versus Kelli, who was still a high school senior, but I figured they were close enough for the relationship to work out and in the progression it did.

As always, Cassie does not disappoint in giving me a great story to smile and laugh at. The tone shifts and matures a little further into the story as we discover Kelli and Chase are both lonely, sad souls a bit lost in the world. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Kelli is the Friday Night Alibi for those who don’t want to lose their trust funds by dating the wrong type of person. For the right price Kelli will provide them 3.

If her other books are anything like this one, I’m in for a real treat! Kelly was slightly immature and it came out in her thoughts and inner dialogue. When I read about the debut novel in that line, Friday Night Alibi, I was intrigued enough to request it right away. Besides, relationships are tricky, and sometimes very messy.

Book Review: Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae | Pauline Creeden

Yeah, that’s what we have. The story begins with Kelli, an aspiring college freshman who runs a cover service at her mad school and community for people in her well-to-do community. In the town of Sundale however, Kelli offers griday an alternative to retain that part of them they need to hide. Trivia About Friday Night Alibi. I don’t think I’ve ever had a book make me laugh this much.


But Kelli is A-okay with that.

Besides, relationships are tricky, and sometimes very messy. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: And not cheesy funny, or cliched funny. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to maae online or offline wherever you are. Everything about it was perfect. That is until she meets Chase and everything changes.

Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

When I finished this book, I was left with a huge smile. Chase can’t seem to shake the pervy vibe or get Kelli to react to him in any way that doesn’t cause public humiliation. Although not forced onto the reader, Kelli has strong feelings about religion, hers especially. Sorry, but I saw him first. Along with her email chats and Facebook notifications, Mia also devours romance novels, spending countless hours with fictional characters, dreaming of her own Romeo to casxie her off her feet.

And when I wasn’t laughing, I was smiling so widely that my cheeks hurt. I give Friday Night Alibi an F. Cassie Mae is brilliant! Over the last month, three have vanished from the frifay of the earth, and the only clue in each case is one shoe that’s been left behind.