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FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle. Michael A. Stackpole, Author. Bantam Spectra $ (p) ISBN In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior or the betrayer of the world. Once one of the grandest of human. Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole – book cover, description, publication history.

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But whether he is to be that world’s savior or destroyer is unknown even to himself. Please provide an email address. I am all for supporting your writing. Sep 30, Simon C rated it it was ok.

Without his mask, he is without his identity so Tarrant Hawkins dies and becomes Kedyn’s crow. I, the DragonCrown War Cycle.

Buy the Mass Market Paperback: If you are looking for something to read that is not your run of the mill fantasy series you don’t have any Stackpole has a great series on his hands here. The New Math When not chained… More about Michael A.

Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole

The incredible new fantasy epic that began with The Dark Glory War continues. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Chytrine also knows this and sets a trap during a meeting with her sullanciri generals. Names and races get thrown at you with zero context to back them up, which is more frustrating than immersive. In the northern lands of Aurolan, Chytrine begins to prepare fortrss adopted daughter for a trip south as her agent. They have not changed ofrtress and there is not much development of them through the story.


Podcasting is a way of publishing those sound files usually in.

FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle

I started this not realizing it was part of a series, but I can now see why. However, after Kirun’s defeat the pieces were separated and hidden.

The battle seems destined to be a Vilwaneese victory until Chytrine’s dragon appears. Predator and his band of Vorqs chase Will until they are intercepted by a Vorq even bigger than Predator.

It has dragons and princesses and elves. However, Alyx, and Crow are ambushed in their tent by a sullanciri who poisons Crow. Dranae returns to Dragon form, chases off the Aurolan army and then takes a select few of his companions into a major dragon haunt as ambassadors.

Sign up to our newsletter using your email. The time shift between this and the Dark Glory War was a bit jarring. Yes, the most exciting thing about the characters in the first 50 pages is that “Will” is actually “Wilburforce”. The boys return to their town to inform Leigh’s father, Lord Norrington, of their encounter. In the city of Yslin, Will the Nibble, a thief who hopes to be King of the Dimandowns and a match for master thief Azure Spider, steals a living silver leaf a fragment of the DragonCrown?

When Scrainwood finds out he demands the crown piece. Also many Kings and Queens fantasize about it eventually being theirs.

While some minor damage is caused trying to get the Dark Lancer to leave, his presence confirms that Will is, at least, strongly connected to the person Resolute and Crow have been looking for. She then begins to toy with Resolute and the rest but Resolute resists, rediscovering his true self. Keydn’s trial begins with Will assuming the role of Lord Norrington in order to plead Crow’s case.


Pretty good book for the standard militaristic fantasy genre. Many of fortresd young apprentices evacuated before the battle were sought after and killed by the pirates.

Kerrigan bursts into the command tent where the selected leader of the army, Alexia, was confering with king Augustus and her aunt Grand Duchess Tatyana who Kerrigan reveals to be Chytrine. When he arrives he finds the new Azure Spider trapped in Kerrigan’s protective spells.

I’m going to have to give it another try, now that I’ve read this book and enjoyed it so much. The Dragons decide to remain neutral because both sides had broken the etiquette rules of Dragon congress. Alyx and Crow each choose, or are chosen by, a sword. That gets a little fortrrss. Although it appears to be made of indestructible metal, it holds the suppleness and warmth of a real leaf. Nov 04, Anna rated it it was drafonis Shelves: Discover what to read next.

Fortress Draconis: The Podcast

During the course of the book, she never fails at anything she attempts, and everyone heaps praise on her, feeding into her delusions of grandeur. Temmer makes the user invincible in battle but will eventually cause the draconus to lose his sanity. This series was of a quality of those things, just with different trappings. It leads them to an old Vorqelf who has been protecting the Vorq fragment for centuries.

I wou I had high hopes for this series.