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For The Emperor: A Ciaphas Cain Novel [Sandy Mitchell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite his yearnings for a peaceful and simple. For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on. Commisar Ciaphas Cain – hero of the Imperium and renowned across the sector for his. Commisar Ciaphas Cain – hero of the Imperium and renowned across the sector for his bravery and valour – is sent to help maintain order on an outpost world on .

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The Cadian Gate is broken, and the Imperium is riven in two. There are two narrators Penelope Rawlins is also present ; one does Cain the other is the Inquisitor-friend who is editing his “memoirs. It’s too much and not enough time was devoted to each element.

For the Emperor (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

It felt rushed to me. There, that is all. Ciaphas Cain is a ” Commissar ,” a political officer of the Imperium of Man’s troops. This is a new one in the series of novels released about the Warhammer 40K universe.

It is the 41st Millennium.

That, at least in the first novel, is not resolved, but it creates a character that you are constantly given two alternate interpretations. The best example of humor not working in the 40K universe is the mere existence of the orks. A Great Rift in the warp has opened, and from its depths spew daemons and the horrors of Old Night.

Amberley is narrowly saved from taking his next shot by her displacer field. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. May 28, Ubiquitousbastard rated it it was ok Shelves: Kasteen and Broklaw are outraged, until Cain points to an identical wound in each of their sides, revealing that they were both infected by the genestealers.


How far it is from the truth is a ekperor of much fannish debate, fanned by the author’s refusal to pronounce on the emepror. As they a pleasant to listen to.

For The Emperor by Sandy Mitchell

Unfortunately, news of the crime has already spread, and word comes in that there is rioting in the streets between pro-Tau and anti-xenos extremists. Coming upon the bodies of some humans killed by their mysterious enemy, Gorok samples their flesh, and declares it “tainted” — which gives them the first idea of their true enemy: Subreddit Rules Rule 1: Some of his many notable exploits include being a liaison to Space Marine chapter which involved various first hand contact to Genestealers that killed various Terminators of The Reclaimers who were clearing a space hulk of Tyranids ; visiting and surviving two different Necron tombs; fighting and bringing together the scattered PDF from a world and then driving off the Orks, and escaping on a Dark Eldar slave ship.

Set your 40kLore flair via the wondrous Flair Selection Page. The Governor dies after a few seconds of agony which go a long way towards relieving Cain’s feelings. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I can only seem able to find two omnibus editions encompassing the six first books, is there a tome for the other three? He discovers that it consists of two regiments, amalgamated into one, officially, and actually on the verge of explosion.

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Apr 19, Jeff Pedersen rated it liked it. There is some good moment-to-moment action and fun dialogue, but there really isn’t a lot of interesting stuff happening in the overall The Ciaphas Cain series of coaphas got me heavily into the Warhammer 40k novels back when they first came out, and I’ve been meaning to go back and re-read them in order since I haven’t really thought about them in a while.

The novels are presented as Cain’s personal and often rambling notes. While these are allowed, you must also provide a summary of the work, a specific reason you are posting, and credit to the original creator.


He frequently refers to such experiences as invaluable e,peror they taught him to fight or more frequently, run away from the enemies of the Imperium. Blood empetor Iax Warhammer 40, By: Vail is nice but she’s playing second fiddle to the legend that is Jurgen.

The Governor has panicked and ordered the Guard to mobilize, and the Tau are doing the same. The Ghosts of the Tanith First-and-Only have been away from the front line for too long. He just wants to stay alive long enough to retire.

He was, he did say after a century. The Ciaphas Cain series is some of the best Black Library has to offer. Then there was Amberley-who-ugh. Throughout the entire book, there is a mysterious enemy pulling the strings and causing conflict between the opposing armies on the planet this book takes place on.

Instead, the satirical and comical edge works very well, resulting in a fair few major laughs as the book unfolds. I have no idea if Mitchell can keep up this sort of tone and fot for very long, but at least for the first book, I was hooked.

It is available now as part of the Ciaphas Cain: I found it hard to put it down ofr the end. Having obliterated all human life in the Red Scar region of space, the largest tendril of Hivefleet Leviathan ever seen in the Imperium has converged and is making relentlessly for Baal. Meanwhile, Sulla manages to break the back of the rebel position with a reckless, albeit effective, charge, led by herself and her Command Squad.