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H Ultra-Harmonizer®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Eventide the next step Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifta. H Ultra-Harmonizer (R) SERVICE MANUAL Eventide the next step TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION H SPECIFICATIONS OPTIMUM. This is not mine. i tip my hat to the guy/guys who put in the effort to do this. Thank you sir and sirs service manual User manual.

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The DRAM is used to implement an audio delay of up to 1.

C23 and C24 shunt high frequency digital trash to ground before entering the converter. Notice that their D inputs and Q outputs are all tied together on the Wventide Data bus. Since the 68A09 has only an 8 bit data bus it must read the 16 bit Global bus one byte at a time.

For more information contact an Eventide dealer or Eventide directly. Is input bargraph lighting? R, pins 9 and 1 0 form an invertor which drives another open collector inverter in U Various parts of the H can generate an interrupt to the 68A U buffers and inverts the analog-type signal now called CLK1.


Caps C2 and C7 suppress Mqnual noise pickup.

H Series User Manual | Eventide

Notifies the Brain that the PELs have completed some task. The output at pin 8 is a series of 16 pulses while pin 10 is high, then low while pin 10 is low. They should all be at OdB. A zener reference set by R72, R71CR5, provides the integration current for both channels. This is the crystal oscillator, divided by two, from the A to D section. This action starts the system running. The other, the Delay Data Register, is used to read or write data to the delay memory.

These three enable the outputs of the mailboxes. How this processor operates is beyond the scope of this manual.

H3000 Series User Manual

Refer repairs to a qualified service person whenever possible. An external reference is set up by the two resistors R11 and R12 for the left channel and R13 and R14 for the right channel. No audio at all. The entire unit relies on the two main address and data busses.

H3000 manual

All of the processors must stay “in sync” for the entire system to work. If this happens, continue with steps C and D, by pressing the third softkey from the left, and then the second softkey from the left.


If one, for example runs a bit slower than the others it will corrupt the audio data that is being processed by the three. Monitor the distortion residual the T. The output of U7A splits to the second integrator stage, and to the converter thru R26 for high order comparison. Remove the solder bridge at X8 or cut the small trace, then put a solder bridge in place at X7.

Full text of “Eventide H Service Manual”

This difference signal may look a bit strange on an oscilloscope. Some words about “crashing” the audio are certainly in order here.

U83 works in the h30000 manner but, it is an 8 bit, addressable latch. It is set up as a divide by 13 circuit.

CLK1S is the input sample rate which is in reality Controls the Bypass Relay.