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Score depression; Score escala de autovaloración de la depresión, de Zung (escala de. Aka: Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, Depression Screening with the Zung Scale, Spanish, escala de autovaloración de la depresión, de Zung (escala de . BACKGROUND: Criteria for the major depressive disorder have changed since introduction of Zung’s self-rating depression scale (SDS); however, it is still used .

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Solitary confinement and mental illness in U. In line with this, Singleton, referenced by Shaw and Humber, found that one of every seven inmates also presented psychotic disorder Factor structure of the Zung Self – rating Depression Scale in first-year university students in Japan. A screening of There are no training requirements, and the instrument has been widely used. Escalw de trastornos mentales y uso de servicios: A cross sectional study was performed on a sample of three hundred and deptesion patients in the Medium Security penitentiary and Prison Facility of the city of Manizales between April and May This raises a number of serious concerns about the theoretical structure and zubg utility of the Zung SDS.

Depresipn study was reviewed by the local ethics committee and complies with standards in Barbados. To compare the psychometric strengths of two venerable measures of depression, the Zung Self-rating Depression Scale Zung SDS and the Beck Depression Inventory-II BDI-II in a Caribbean university student population and to provide researchers and clinicians interested in measures of depression with psychometric evidence that differentiates the two instruments for uzng Caribbean sample. The results of this study give rise to clinical evaluation, by specialized staff in the area of psychiatry and his intervention, given the characteristics of self-reported depression for this population.


Barbados vital statistics [Internet]. Interam J Psychol ; Table 2 shows how the greatest percentage of depression was found among participants aged Hence, there is a need to establish reliable, valid and cost-effective measures of depression for Caribbean people.

J Adol Health ; A global measure of perceived stress. Consequently, following standard recommendations for elimination of items would leave only a small number of items loading on each factor.

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale

In addition, depressive symptoms appear to be a psychological consequence of major public health problems, such as chronic diseases 6. Department of Public Health This paper has been funded by Colciencias within the project “Effectiveness of a synchronous vs. It is important to recognize that students, as a population, have distinctive characteristics pertaining to depressive symptoms. Benito-Devia 3M.

There were no statistically significant difference between the appearance of depression symptoms and other variables under study. Corrected item-total correlations and missing value analyses for both instruments are reported in Tables 2 and 3.

In Barbados, research has focussed on decreased maternal willingness to breastfeed 4 and maternal depressive symptoms affecting infant cognitive development 5. Estudio descriptivo trasversal realizado en reclusos del Establecimiento Penitenciario y Carcelario de Mediana Seguridad de la Ciudad de Manizales en abril deprwsion mayo del How to cite this article.

Journal of Clinical Psychology. BMJ ; Maternal depressive symptoms affect infant cognitive development in Barbados.

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale

The EFA suggested a 3 to 5-factor model with most eigenvalues clustering around 1 Table 4. Shaw J, Humber N.


Exposure to violence against a family member and internalizing symptoms in Colombian adolescents: On the other hand it is not a multi-centre study, which can limit the reliability of the results. Some behaviors can be associated to mental disorders yet they are not identified as such since professionals, mostly custodial, are poorly trained and lack the resources to manage these disorders individually 4.

Among participants, a higher percentage of depression was found among those aged between 18 and 44, perhaps in relation with it being a period of greater needs familiar, working, social, etc and major vulnerability. Table 1 depicts the identified symptoms of depression. To assess depressive symptoms in men deprived from freedom in a prison in a Colombian intermediate city. Therefore, although students’ self-report measures of depressive symptoms may not necessarily generalize well to other groups, as a non-clinical sample they offer a reliable opportunity for the purpose of comparing the Zung SDS and the BDI-II in a single time frame.

Five psychological measures of neurotic depression: A self-rating depression scale.

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale – Wikipedia

Discussion There is a lack of studies on the deprwsion of depression among people deprived of their freedom in Colombia. Fazel S, Danesh J. A second area of concern is the wording of the four response categories on the Zung SDS.