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Encyclopædia Acephalica. Georges Bataille, Michel Leiris, Marcel Griaule, Carl Einstein, Robert Desnos and writers associated with the Acéphale and Surrealist . Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts. Front Cover. Georges Bataille, Robert Lebel, Isabelle Waldberg, Alastair Brotchie . Encyclopaedia Acephalica by Georges Bataille, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Indeed, what value can we attach to reason, or for that matter to speech, and consequently to man’s presumed dignity, when we consider that, given the identical source of language and spittle, any philosophical discourse can legitimately be figured by the incongruous image of a spluttering orator?

Good to read alongside something else, as an encyclopedia, even a surrealist one, becomes a tiresome format. A woman’s fingernail, red and pointed as a ruby dagger surprisingly the blood has remained in the middle and not run to the tipalong with those wounds cut in precious stones by ingenious, hard tools that murder minerals and reduce them to a constellation of angles, murderous in their turn; a bodily attitude that abruptly relaxes; a fleeting gesture as touching as the sudden swell of a sail on a rising sea; these are precious signs that help us understand our closeness to savages, our diverse finery of dark or brilliant fabrics being no different from skin and feather ornaments partially concealing tattoos that depict various acepgalica adventures on the body, like writing in the stars which offers an aerial forecast of human events An informed contradictor might encyclopaevia that I am confusing ethnography with folklore.

Coco bel oeil, which has passed from slang into polite usage, with a certain old-fashioned military whiff about it, alludes less to the organ of sight than to one of its functions, l’oeillade, the amorous glance or ogle.

These different raw materials, costed at current prices, represent an approximate sum of 25 francs. Here, however, the unhappy youth who is consigned to mental solitude confronts at every unexpected moment of rapture the images of his predecessors looming up in tiresome absurdity.

Among crustaceans, the crab known as the acephalic the image of eternal sleep, is the most mysterious, the most deceitful, the shiftiest. In seeking to characterise the red and hideous bloodstain on the face of man, he expresses himself thus: For this reason, spittle represents the height of sacrilege. Of all the ridiculous actions men take upon themselves, none encyclopaeia more so than shrimping.


The pictures are only dead surfaces and it is within the crowd that the play, the flashes, the shimmerings of light technically described by the authorised critics takes place.

Then everything resumes it s orderly course. On the scale of metaphysical values, matter is situated lower than mind, solely because it is dirtier. Bataille synthesised his ideas on social structures in his three volume work The Accursed Share; his other large collection [2]; i, [3] a more inward-looking work, explores the position of the individual in another three volumes, which although written were never collected together in a single work.

In a strict sense, he starts at the top of the skull, but the top of the skull is an insignificant part, incapable of attracting attention and it is the eyes or the forehead the acephaljca the significatory role of an animal’s jaws.

Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Unknown library code: There is no difference in nature between them, but only, perhaps, a different degree of abstraction. To desire is to pollute; to desire is to take, and the primitive who has noticed a gaze on a possesion of his immediately makes a gift of it, as if it were dangerous for him to keep it any longer, as if the gaze had deposited in the object a force ready to come into play aginst acephxlica stranger.

acephalicaa University of Sydney Library. One could hold forth acephalicq lengthily on the numerous obscene senses of the word, brought about by its analogy with the private parts: Book; Illustrated English Unknown library code: This statement appeared as an epigraph in a book by Louis Aragon Anicet, Paris, Obviously one does not, as a rule, continue to focus on that which is seen as the revelation of a state of violence for which one bears some responsibility.

To drag one’s old portraits along in one’s wake is to become, as it were, a serpent entangled in its old skins. The old man raises it aloft, bareheaded.


Argot, that poetic language, rich in poetic imagery, and accursed, has naturally made much use of the organ of sight: There are so many animals in this world, and so much that we have lost! A museum is comparable to the lung of a great city: Christ’s saliva opened the eyes of the blind, and a mother’s “heart’s balm” heals the bumps of small children. Further on, nobody would be able to say where, or indeed when, anything at all would certainly be possible, that is to say that the enigma posed by misfortune which does so, all unknowing, to the inspector of police would find itself subsumed under the form of vice.

For academics to be satisfied, it would be necessary, in effect, for the universe to take on a form.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts – Google Books

Elastic animal flower, graceful and lively as mercury, petal separated from the great bouquet acephalics the waves. The height of absurdity is reached, however, when the other party refuses the African the right to “make art” with a European motif, claiming first that it is European — a somewhat amusingly self-castrating remark — and, secondly, that it looks “modern.

In this deeply depressing, ghostly clash, every feeling, every desire is implicated, in appearances that are somewhat misleading and with no possibility of simplification. In one of the most important pages of his book, Schizophrenia, Dr.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts (Archive 3)

Its sensationalism provoked the indignation of Indian nationalists and British anti-imperialists. The former, in whom the intelligence is ruined, has nevertheless retained the notion of the I-here-now, he has retained in an essential form, albeit reduced, some contact with the real.

How many acephalicw jars of red clay, filled with inexhaustible and miracle-working water, do the monks of perpetual adoration see refilled day and night in a certain rite of Christian Africa?