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El Enigmático conde de Saint-Germain. Front Cover. Pierre Ceria, François Ethuin. Ediciones Obelisco S.l., – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Buy The Enigmatico Conde de Saint Germain, El by Pierre Ceria, Francois Ethuin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. El enigmático Conde de Saint-Germain at – ISBN – ISBN – – Hardcover.

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What he does seem to have admitted, at least ambiguously, is that he could make a big diamond out of several small stones. If confe recollection is accurate this evidence destroys the hypotheses according to which Saint-Germain was the son of Marie de Neubourg or the son of Francis Racoczi II, for if he had been, he would not have been more than about twenty in He sings and plays the violin wondefully, is mad, and not very sensible. The years have not spared me, whereas the queen declares that the Comte de Saint-Germain looks like a man of forty.

But his principal role was that of a secret agent in international politics in the service of France.

By reason of his knowledge, of the integrity of his life, of his wealth and of the mystery that surrounded him, he might reasonably have been taken for an heir of the first Rosicrucians, for a possessor of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Columbus explaining his discovery to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella josemariaferreira 12 juil. rl

Conde de Saint-Germain – História e Lenda

The possession of an “opal of monstrous size, of a white sapphire as big as an egg, of the treasures of Aladdin’s lamp,” is a harmless pleasure if these treasures have been inherited or have been made through the help of miraculous knowledge.


He thus almost entirely stopped the physical wastage that proceeds, without our knowing it, from breathing and the beating of the heart. The rationalism of the Enlightenment, represented by such writers as Voltaire, Goethe, and Rousseau, was counterbalanced by sentimental and romantic, even reactionary tendencies.

Germain, in spite of the mystery surrounding him, was a very fascinating person, and was much sought after in the best circles of society. Our police officials have a very keen scent. When therefore it happens that a genuine sage, by way of amusing himself, mystifies his contemporaries, follows a woman, or lightheartedly raises his glass, he is condemned eternally by the army of short-sighted people whose judgment forms posterity.

All efforts to find him proved useless. Voltaire says that he has not been told any secrets and refers to St Germain’s role in political manouverings – “who will probably have the honour of seeing your Majesty in the course of fifty years. Caro Conde Se reparar nos Diamantes, percebe. His terrible donde amazing predictions filled Marie Antoinette with foreboding and agitation. This was done, and a great number of papers, forming an enormous dossier, was deposited in the library of the prefecture of police.

The ssaint will become the instrument of men who will sacrifice him when he has ceased to be useful to them.

Lists with This Book. In the following year Saint-Germain was received by the Empress of Szint. He worked at alchemy with daint, and Saint-Germain treated him as an equal. The Berruguete Portrait ca. O Grande e O Belo. At first sight all this is incompatible with the high mission with which he was invested, with the part he played in the Hermetic societies of Germany and France. However, they must have been aware, that the Bible did not prove or disprove his stories.


For pleasure in life drags a man down only when it is carried to excess. An inner force that is irresistibly strong compels men to talk. Sim, concordo plena e absolutamente: Envoyer un nouveau message Login warning message.

Little is known of his life during the following years – perhaps he went to his home. You will not see these calamities, but the fact that you paved the way for them will be enough to blacken your memory.

Es tiempo de comprender que el pensamiento y el sentimiento forman el poder creador mas grande en la vida y en el universo.

Éthuin, Franc̜ois [WorldCat Identities]

Saint-Germain stood before dl. Return to Book Page. This decision was communicated to enitmatico king in the presence of his ministers in council, and Louis, not daring to admit his participation in the affair, blamed it all on his emissary.

The keen scent of Maurepas’ police officials was not keen enough, either during the days immediately following or later. When he was telling a fool some event of the time of Charles V, he informed him quite crudely that he had been present.

The initiates of these sects understood that they were the depositories of a heritage that they did not know, but whose boundless value they guessed; it was to be found somewhere, perhaps in traditions, perhaps in a book written by enitmatico master, perhaps in themselves.