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SYMBOL DS RS USB. IBM 46XX. 2. 1. 3 ion. POST IN WORK AREAPOST IN WORK AREA. Quick Start Guide. SYMBOL DSR tion. POST IN WORK AREAPOST IN WORK AREA. Quick Start Guide. CORD ATTACHMENT/ REMOVAL. View and Download Motorola Symbol ds reference manual online. Symbol ds Barcode Reader pdf manual download.

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Chapter Descriptions Topics covered in this guide are as ds98808 A scanner that captures signatures automatically determines whether it is scanning a signature or a bar code. The digital scanner exits Snapshot Mode when you pull the trigger, or when the Snapshot Mode Timeout elapses.

There are five options. Disable Video View Finder Enable this in hand-held, hands-free, or both modes, or disable this.

Scanning, Hands-free Scanning, Hand-held Scanning Data Capture 2 – 5 Scanning The Symbol DS has a built-in, light-weight stand to easily accommodate both hands-free presentation and hand-held scanning. Set the digital scanner’s baud rate to match the baud rate setting of the host device.

Disable 00h 1 Second Set lengths for Matrix 2 of 5 to any length, one or two discrete lengths, ds99808 lengths within a specific range.


Not all IDs present data in the same format. Assuming that X is the dimension of the thinnest element, the start and stop patterns each contains 9X total width in 4 bars and 3 spaces. Page http: Optional characters are not allowed as the first character s in a field of like characters. Select one of the following picklist modes de9808 the digital scanner: The effectiveness of illumination manyal as the nanual to the target increases. Usually used to refer to services provided by one software component to another, usually via software interrupts or function calls Application Programming Interface.


If necessary, the host must perform concatenation of the ISBT data. Page Glossary – 7 Percent Decode. Software type and version number Motorola responds to calls by e-mail, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in service agreements.

Symbol DS9808 Imager Support

Enable this to transmit the characters NR when a successful decode does not occur before trigger release or the Decode Session Timeout expires. Code 39 Check Digit Verification Symbologies 10 – 31 Code 39 Check Digit Verification Parameter 30h Enable this feature to check the integrity of all Code 39 symbols to verify that the data complies with specified check digit algorithm.

To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page Related Documents, Service Information Software type and version number Motorola responds to calls by e-mail, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in service agreements.

Keyboard Wedge Interface Intr Enable Matrix 2 of 5 01h Disable Matrix 2 of 5 00h.

Enable Disable Send Make and Break Enable this to prevent sending the scan codes for releasing a mankal. Disable illumination to prevent the digital scanner from using illumination. Only Code 39 symbols which include a modulo 43 check digit are decoded. Select higher redundancy levels for decreasing levels of bar code quality.

Page OCR Programming 10 – 17 Optional Alphanumeric 1 When this option appears in the template string, the data validator accepts an alphanumeric character if present. Scanning Introduction Chapter 2 Scanning Introduction This chapter provides beeper and LED definitions, techniques involved in scanning bar codes, general instructions and tips about scanning, and decode zone diagrams.

Page Glossary – 7 Percent Decode. The second check digit is optional. There is an manua relationship between security and digital scanner aggressiveness, so choose only that level of security necessary for any given application.


Motorola SYMBOL DS9808 User Manual

Table defines beep sequences that occur during both normal scanning and while programming the digital scanner. Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and fax this form to: Scan this bar code to disable hardware handshaking. Scan a bar code below to increase the delay when hosts require a slower transmission of data. There are several accepted patterns that allow automatic identification of different signatures on the same form. In addition to any single character prefix already selected, the Code ID character is inserted between manuwl prefix and the decoded symbol.

The digital scanner wakes upon presentation of a bar code or a trigger pull.


Scan this bar code to disable hardware handshaking. Disable 00h 1 Second Select Disable Decoding Illumination to prevent the digital scanner from using decoding illumination.

Select the bar code below corresponding to the algorithm used to encode the check digit. Single Beep after both are decoded 00h Beep as each code type is decoded 01h Double Beep after both are decoded 02h Page Page 4 Except as noted below, such license may not be assigned, sublicensed, or otherwise transferred by the user without prior written consent of Motorola.

Revision History Changes to the original manual are listed below: The digital scanner stores captured images in the selected format. It is always verified to guarantee the integrity of the data.

Don’t show me this message again. Short 00h Medium 01h Long 02h Page All directives are still acknowledged as if they were processed.