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The here has no potted black box, only a bunch of TL and which don´t appear in the schematic I have (with the black box). Download Drawmer Drawmer mic pre & compressor ✅ Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information. Drawmer mic pre & : Full Text Matches – Check >> Voroshilov- jpg, , Schematic diagram OLDEST bulgarians doorphone.

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Drawmer Electronics 1960 Mic-Pre/Tube Compressor User Manual

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

The use of compression on complete mixes can cause a dulling of the sound but the ‘s tube circuitry combined with the soft-knee action helps maintain the clarity and transparency of transient sounds. Passive equaliser control, which can be set to provide up to 15dB of bass boost at 40Hz. Hi, Not sure about age and haven’t contacted Drawmer as I got the unit second hand for very cheap Positions one to four have fixed release times whilst positions five and six are two different programme dependent release time modes making the unit ideally suited to programme material with complex dynamics such as complete stereo mixes and vocals.

For this reason, it is unwise to use more compression than is strictly necessary. The instrument preamplifier may be routed through either compressor channel or both and is suitable for a variety of signal sources, from electric guitars and basses to electronic keyboards.

Classic Schematics

Adds 10dB of gain in the High position. The mic inputs provide up to 60dB of gain while maintaining a 19660 figure comparable with the better ‘in-desk’ mic preamps.

By increasing the Gain control setting, the input stage can be made to overdrive in a manner similar to that of traditional valve guitar amplifiers. Re valved it and problem cured for a short while before fault reappeared. In Normal mode, the signal is passed through the compressor.


Download Drawmer 1960 docs – Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information

Hope this helps – the symptons seem to be identical to the unit i had to repair! April 24, Avoid running at excessively high output levels as this reduces the available amount of signal headroom and could lead to distortion in extreme cases. Equalization is provided along with sufficient gain to overload the tube pre-amp for sustain effects.

As with other Drawmer products, the by-pass switch offers a choice of Normal, By-pass and Side Chain Listen modes so that if schenatic have patched in any additional side chain processing, you can easily monitor what effect it is having. For use with stereo signals such as complete mixes or submixes, the unit dfawmer be switched to Stereo Link mode and both sets of channel controls set to the same position. Not a good design practice with non-precision opamps and carbon pots.

For high quality location recording, the makes the perfect partner for a DAT machine, as it combines the functions of stereo mic preamp with that of a compressor.

Do you know the age, and have 196 contacted Drawmer? I swapped many TLs with low offset chips to adress that problem.

Because guitar sounds are so subjective, and because they vary so much with instrument and playing style, there are no hard and fast rules to setting up, but a good starting point is to switch Bright ‘On’ and set the compressor for ‘Med’ attack and ‘6’ release. Switches the meters to show either the output level VU or the amount of scgematic reduction GR. The passive Bass and Treble controls are based on those used in classic tube guitar amplifiers while the Bright switch puts a peak in the frequency response at around 2kHz to simulate the voicing of a typical guitar amplifier.

This stage may be deliberately overdriven if required to add tonal coloration to an instrument, and with the addition of 11960 external speaker simulator, overdriven guitar sounds may be Directly Injected “DI’d” into the mixing console.

Tubefreak Member Netherlands Posts: Combining eight active tube stages and the low drawmerr and reliability of solid state electronics, the Drawmer provides the ultimate direct interface between the sound source and the recording medium.


Remove the cover plate and slide the 160 fully to its opposite end. As an instrument amplifier, the provides gain, EQ and compression making scgematic ideal for DI’ing guitars, basses and even keyboards. The adjacent Clip LED illuminates when excessive mic gain has been applied and there is a danger of clipping.

If not – continuity check between sidechain tip and ring – if this isn’t showing low resistance clean the jack contacts or temp solder across the contacts and ddrawmer. Johan Member Sweden Posts: The side chain access points may be used to patch in equalisers to enable the compressor to act as a de-esser.

Switch settings 1 through to 4 provide progressively increasing release times, while positions 5 and 6 cause the release times to vary in a manner which automatically adapts to the dynamics scnematic the incoming signal. Fibre or plastic washers may be used to prevent the front panel becoming marked by the mounting bolts.

By adding compression to an overdriven sound, the degree of sustain can be maintained at a lower overdrive setting while the tube circuitry will add warmth and punch. June 10, I have had many on the bench that had dirty pots.

The intended use of the audio insert jacks would be to patch in EQ egreverb or similar processing.

Replace with a correctly rated fuse for the selected operation voltage. Because the tube circuitry generates more heat than an equivalent solid-state design, it is advisable to leave space above the unit to allow the heat to dissipate. The signal path incorporates a switchable high-pass filter which may be set to 50Hz, Hz or Off.

Disconnect the unit from the mains. Phantom power is individually switchable on the two channels and a peak overload LED warns when clipping is imminent.