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casa bianchi Architectural Section, Modern House Plans, Villa, Interior . Mario Botta: Riva san Vitale Lugano, Carlo Scarpa, Single Family, Home And. The Bianchi House by architect Mario Botta was built in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland in House at Riva San Vitale Designed by Mario Botta by praenim in Types > School Work > Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes.

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Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram! They express the relationship of the interior of the house with its environ, with the movement of the sun, or with the location of a historical construction.

Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale research project

Ads The easiest way to find UK property. Third floor On the third floor, there is the master bedroom suite, comprised of a dressing room and the bedroom with en suite bathroom. You can use pgt windows miami for installation of doors and windows. The figure is comprised of series of large vertical subtractions which generate voids of various heights, thereby creating a kind of draft in the main volume.

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From its more than cubic metres only square metres are inhabited. Old “Roccolo” characterise the Ticino region. The staircase situated in the centre of the work creates a radial distribution on each floor and a point of vertical connection that links all the levels.

Mario Botta, Casa Bianchi,Riva S. Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland,1973

Powered by WordPress and Hatch. Detail drawings will be harder to find. He opened his own practice in in Lugano. Apart from the 16th century temple in Riva San Vitale, there were once plentiful vitalf “Roccoli”, or traditional bird hunting towers.

STORIES OF HOUSES: A Family House at Riva San Vitale, by Mario Botta

Editorial Gustavo Gili, S. The staircase divides the smaller service spaces to the north west and the larger outdoor balconies, terraces, and living spaces to the south east.


Images shared above is great. Inafter recently finishing his studies, Botta was asked by the same family to design a new house, but this time in the countryside of the Ticino Canton, at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, overlooking Lake Lugano. Van Nostrand Reinhold, As a result, the feeling of crossing toward the house is similar to arriving in the countryside, when our viewpoint extends further, toward the church of Melano, the village at the other side of the lake.

The 18 metres long gangway emphasises a separation from the land and reveals the house as an observatory of the surrounding landscape. Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? House in Corrubedo Galiciaby David Chipperfiel In the case of the house at Riva San Vitale, he reinterpreted the vernacular type of tower to protect the landscape, together with answering his friends’ wishes of both enjoying the views of the lake above the trees and by having a strong contact with the ground.

A square staircase located almost at the center of the square plan ties the blunt clarity of the massive exterior, the interior is labyrinthine and intimate. Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland. Staircase The staircase situated in the centre of the work creates a radial distribution on each floor and a point of vertical connection that links all the levels.

The volumes of the various living spaces fill in rifa frame, starting with one quadrant on the top floor and concluding with three quadrants, four floors below at the living-room level. Materials The most emblematic elements of the house are the grey concrete of the load-bearing walls and the red of the metallic bridge which leads to the house.


Not long after, inwhen Botta had recently graduated, the same family commissioned him for a new house project, but this time in the canton Swiss administrative region of Ticino, at the foot of Monde San Giorgio and with views over Lake Lugano. Interior designing is a kind of art which is not an easy task. Building the landscape From the old road that reaches the site at its top, a thin metal bridge leads to the house which is formed as a 13 metres high by 10 metre square tower.

Clark and Michael Pause. Ground floor Finally, on the ground floor, there is a storage area, laundry and a semi-covered area in which vehicles are kept. It is like a sculpted volume with four elevations which responds to the surrounding environment: First floor On the next level, that is, the first floor, is the social area which comprises a living room which links to the kitchen-diner by means of a passageway, in which the vutale is located.

Oct 27, 16 1: Evidence of this dialogue are in the matio from the Ticino Tourist Office which shows images of Swiss landscapes with Botta’s architecture. Since the house is organized around a central staircase, its spiral circulation faces different views. The clear volumes of ancient constructions which rise above the trees like vestiges of human markings are characteristic of this region.

The feeling, viitale crossing the bridge towards the house, is of entering into the landscape, and one’s eyes extend beyond to the church of Melano, at the other side of the lake.