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Determining the total hardness in water using complexometric titration with EDTA tutorial suitable for chemistry students. Complexation Titration: Determination of Total Hardness of Water The use of EDTA as a complexometric titrant for metal ions has been investigated in the past . You will use EDTA complexometric titration to determine the hardness of a responsible for hardness, and total water hardness is defined as the sum of the.

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Magnesium will be displaced by identical amount of calcium, and it will be titrated later, not changing final result. Experimenters are now able to learn the basics and techniques in this kind of titration.

Then, two milliliters of the buffer solution and five drops of indicator solution were added to the titrand. This could have been the reason why lathering of the soap is a little hard but rinsing it off is easy.

Do the drill now!

Chemistry of Hard Water and Soft Water. After that, the CaCl 2 solution was titrated with the EDTA solution until the color changed from wine red to pure blue. In contrary, calcium is an important component of cell walls of aquatic plants, and of the bones or shells of aquatic organisms Hepler, An indicator, known as a metal ion indicator, is required for the titration.

Hard Water Calcium and Magnesium. This experiment is expected to yield a result that conforms to our abovementioned hypothesis. Use a clean, dry, spatula to transfer some of the EDTA from the watchglass to the funnel.

Then, for the preparation of standard CaCl 2, 0. Consequently, the results showed that the water in the Chemistry laboratory is very hard containing Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry. It is also not good for fish tanks. Titrations that are based on complex formation are called complexometric titration. These findings suggest that the water source in the laboratory is very hard.


Determination of water total hardness by complexometric titration

Use a pasteur pipette to add deionised water dropwise until the bottom of the b sits exactly on the mark on the flask when viewed at eye level. EDTA dissolved in water forms a colourless solution. Use a small amount of water from a wash bottle filled with deionised water to wash the EDTA out of the funnel and into the flask. However, in this experiment, an average of A useful application of complexation titration is the determination of the amount of calcium and magnesium in water, hitration is, the hardness of water.

The structure of EDTA has six potential sites for bonding a metal ion: There are no health hazards associated with water hardness, however, hard water causes scale, as well as the reduced lathering of ckmplexometric.

Complexation Titration: Determination of Total Hardness of Water | Gabriel Lerona –

A few drops of 1: Thus, this experiment was done. To do so we can acidify the solution with hydrochloric acid, boil it, and then neutralize with ammonia. Skoog and others Complete list of books. Slowly add the EDTA 1 mL at a time until you start to see indications of a colour change in the solution, that is, a spot of blue appears before disappearing.

Online Journal Lf, P. Add 5 mL of ammonia based pH 10 buffer using a pipette 1. Eriochromshwartz-T Erio T is a suitable indicator. Note the approximate endpoint of the titration.

Determination of total water hardness by complexometric titration

To perform titration we will need titrant – 0. Perform calculations to determine the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water. About us Feedback Determination of water total hardness by complexometric titration. Depending on the water hardness we may use more concentrated or more diluted titrant. Download determination of water hardness reaction file, open it with the free trial version of the stoichiometry calculator. From its equivalence point with which harcness color changed approaching its endpoint, the molarity of EDTA was determined in standardization obtaining 0.


Complexometric titration is one of the best ways of measuring total water hardness. Seannekate, my lab partner was able to contribute effectively in proper handling of the instrument and other necessary calculations for the data.

Use the wash bottle to wash any remaining EDTA off the watchglass and into the funnel. Also, it can form scums that might clog the drainage system starting from the pipe and might cause several plumbing dilemmas Dvorak and Skipton, This implies that the water system in the laboratory should be treated to avoid further plumbing problems, but this does not necessarily implies titrqtion it hardneas a health risk, it is could be only alarming if other heavy metals are present, thus, further tests should be done.

Determining Total Hardness in Water by Complexometric Titration

Moreover, the objective of this experiment is to standardize the EDTA solution using the standard CaCO3 to determine the hardness of water in the complsxometric. Remember me on this computer.

The ionised form of EDTA is shown on the right. The determination of the hardness of water is a useful analytical procedure bu gives a measure of the quality of water for industrial and household uses.

Such explanations could have been also the possible reasons why liquid detergents synthetic soap are used in washing the glassware rather harrness the soap or bar detergents. New York, ; p. This error is equivalent to 0. In this experiment, the tap water that was used is suspected to be hard.

Use a clean conical flask that has been rinsed with deionised water. Sample calculations are shown in Appendix. Immediately after the endpoint, there is an excess of EDTA.