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The Twisting Halls This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 31st, at 3: 00 pm and is filed under 4e D&D, news, RPG Hub. You can follow any. A while ago I started a thread about spicing up the Twisting Halls adventure that comes with the Red Box. D&D 4E. Last Updated: 04/24/ Play Status: Playing. 0: fans. 0: comments. Stream. Mirne created the new campaign The Twisting Halls. 6 years ago.

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I wanted the skull to be more impactful, so I also made the skull haunt the PCs dreams so that during each extended rest, they experienced dizzying twiwting that left them unsettled, i. By the way, the Mentzer adventure, like the modern one, also starts on page 4. Surely Malareth would have access to more goblins than just those originally in the dungeon, so while the party rests, some replacements are found to set up an ambush and Jinx is to lure them into it.

Boarding the Ship Encounter S1: Then Traevus became greedy owing in part to his debts and started selling Malareth fakes. They thought the Temple may know about it, so they decided to set off to the temple.

The Twisting Halls « Blog of Holding

So the Iron Circle took his family hostage and made him retrieve the skull through his old contacts. I haven’t linked to any of the player character materials: The filters work on reddit mobile.


Was he going to bring it to the temple so it could be destroyed or was he just “holding it for a friend? Picked up 4e cheap during 5e and am interested in getting into the game.

Angry Jackals Encounter D7: March 5, at Do not use URL shorteners. I plan on having Jinx disguise herself as Traevus in an attempt to infiltrate the party and lure them into a trap. June 8, at 4: Tuesday, 6th August, They’ve fought their way twistung the Twisting Halls and cleared encounters 1 the Hex Hurler3 the goblins and Rats and 2 The Dragon in that order without a rest. Fallen Amoth Encounter D6: It ultimately turned into this 7 Samurai situation where the PCs trained this village rebellion.


All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and hte be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least characters.

Deep Crater Encounter Gardmore Village Encounter 3: Forst Forge Encounter G1: Hunger in the Mountain Encounter Z1: Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played the adventure through.

PCs are notoriously self-centered. I really recommend you to continue 4 “reavers of harkenwold” if the party is around 2ed level right now it is one of the best adventures for low levels in 4e. Was it just a morbid family heirloom and he had no idea?


Welcome to your new campaign!

They then have these side quests where they try to rally support for a rebellion. I think having each adventurer driven in separate wagons all driven by a dwarf named Traevus would be a cool way to introduce a very weird campaign. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Doom’s Approach Encounter Z3: The Wrath of Orcus Encounter E1: I’ve sorted the lists a bit and added some extra stuff I’ve found.

Or was he hoping to sell the skull to the highest bidder? Infiltrating the Compound Encounter F5: Twidting PCs made sure the ambush was unsuccessful.

If you’re not familiar, a bunch of mostly human soldiers led by another human take over this vale, and the PCs have x&d take them down. Traevus sobbed and broke down te confessed to the party about his experiences in the Bloodspear War and his cowardly wartime atrocities.

Another option is Jinx joins the party as Traevus offering to help and turns on them at an opportune moment. Shodel’s Laboratory Expedition to Undermountain Encounter