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The Holzapfel Group plates zinc-nickel according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , Opel GME , GMW , BMW GS and DIN. The Holzapfel Group plates zinc iron according to the following standards: VW TL , DBL , BMW G , GME , GMW , DIN Zinc-iron. specification DBL 17 which details that a 10 to 15 micron deposit should provide NSS. 9 protection of hours with no zinc and hours with no red.

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Silver Ag Learn more.

The method used and the nickel content specified and actual values in the layer shall be indicated in the initial sample inspection report ISIR. In addition to this, the coater is expected to assess the process in detail FMEA with regard to all sub-stages, in which hydrogen could ingress into the material structure.

Pickling Polishing, mechanical Sand blasting. Silver Ag Learn more. 84551

An Overview Of The Coating Standards Metallveredlung Kotsch GmbH Can Adhere To

Chrome Copper Chrome plating gloss, semi-matt Eloxal. This should serve to ensure that for these systems too, the changeover to Cr VI -free should be possible without any need to change the drawing. May The parts supplier shall select the coating company.

Surfaces – Anti-corrosion surfaces – Zinc-nickel. To be certain that Cr VI -free products are used a conversion to the special product versions of this DBL is necessary. However currently there are no specifications which ensure that such layers do not contain additives with Cr VI content. Temporary safety precautions corrosion protection oil, packaging, where applicable by way of the sealings used shall be used to ensure that iron rust products do not occur on the inner areas of the tube during treatment, storage and transport of the tubes up to the point of installation.

For particularly critical parts, a switch shall be made to DBL and acid-free pretreatment. In terms of conformity with the provisions of the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, the only decisive matter is whether the material or the component at the time of being put into service as an end product is free from Cr VI or not. Measures shall be derived from this, which serve to reliably minimize the quantity of hydrogen ingressing into the material during the process, and which enable a regular periodic examination of the efficiency of such measures.


Don’t fill this field! Subsequent sealing results in a further improvement of the corrosion protection.

The coatings are used for corrosion protection under the most stringent of requirements and for deep-black coloration. Any deviations shall be agreed and documented separately. Zinc-nickel coatings therefore demonstrate the best behavior of the metallic coatings within this DBL with regard to corrosion protection quality.

Dip Spin Specifications

Requirement for concrete indication of substance of passivating and sealing agents used by the supplier in the ISIR? No chipping and blistering of the coat is allowed.

Top coats sealing are optional, but not always necessary. For this reason, alongside the corrosion protection, attention shall also be paid to any possible changes in surface-specific functional properties in comparison to coatings containing Cr VI.

Preservation of uncoated internal surfaces, for example the inside of pipes, as well as heat treatments tempering to remove hydrogen after the coating process, are offered to complement our range. If no requirements are listed n. This normally also requires the use of identical products base chemicals for the creation of the layer.

Use of duplex coatings containing 845 VI and chromating process for transparent coating terminated. Passivations are available in black or transparent form. Before commencement of production deliveries, the coater shall determine and record the complete pre-treatment and coating process, the physical data treatment periods, temperatures and the composition of all process chemicals, and, if cbl, optimize them.

More processes and coatings. We offer various Cr VI -free post finishing treatments for zinc-nickel surfaces: The methods used and the content of the alloy element s specified and actual values in the layer shall also be stated in the initial sample inspection report ISIR.


Page 14 DBL The resulting measures shall be specified by the coater.

dlb The documentation for this process specification shall be submitted to DaimlerChrysler when requested during audits. Buildings and industrial fittings Mechanical engineering ackaging industry.

Process assessment shall be safeguarded by means of component tests. Protection against base metal corrosion: For information on the achievable corrosion resistance for barrel and rack parts, refer to VDA specification VDA which is based on comprehensive interlaboratory tests.

Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) Plating: process and advantages

Chromium VI -compounds could be used in the past in the intermediate layer between the metallic coating and an organic finish. When storing parts until they are required for further processing or assembly, preservation or special storage conditions may be required. In the event of any changes regarding the coater or the process or significant parts of the process see 3. Distribution as well as distribution of pages without permission of DaimlerChrysler AG is not permitted.

By doing so the newly electrodeposited coating reacts with the passivation solution to form a thin film composed of complicated reaction products, which cover the metallic coating.

The significantly higher corrosion resistance of the metallic coating in combination with the less prominent corrosion products compared to pure zinc coatings and the low-alloyed zinc-iron coatings are characteristic of zinc-nickel coatings. While chromating is dgl from solutions containing Cr VI and the chromating on the workpiece may therefore also contain Cr VIthe term passivation refers to chromium VI -free corrosion protection.

Page 845 DBL Zinc-nickel black blackcor Learn more.