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Citimortgage Letter Of Authorization Form. If you are a professional with experience in secondary mortgage markets, affordable housing policy, financial. Dear CitiMortgage Customer(s): In order for CitiMortgage, Inc. to discuss your mortgage loan with a third party, we must obtain a letter of authorization form. Workable SolutionsSM Financial Form. 1 of 1 rev 02/20/ CitiMortgage, Inc. does business as Citicorp Mortgage in MT and NM. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION.

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I am another Principal Residential customer bought out by CitiMortgage. In mid June, the insurance adjuster requested payoff statement as of June 30th.

This has been a mess from the start. I have always had my payments set up automatically through my bank. Our have reported them to the better business bureau, and whatever complaint site i can find online.

They have a button to apply fees, but no buttons to waive fees! We refinanced with CITI twice. Anyone found a place to go or a person to call for help? They sent a copy of the check and the signature which appear to be different checks, with different numbers. I received a letter from the insurance company on June 19, that payment had been made to CitiMortgage. I am in the process of suing the attorney who forged the affidavit and discussing the matter with the FBI who believes there is sufficient evidence of fraud to charge the attorney who participated in this fraud and forgery prison and disbarment.

To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. As my mother pursues this, I will try and find something that you can do to ammend your situations.

CitiMortgage Frustrations :

Letter of Authorization Time Frames Ocwen, based out of West Palm Beach, has no time frames set up for letter of authorizations to automatically expire I will join in. That was in November, we are now into December and almost January and I still have no home. We did, and after talking to them, she finally admitted that CitiMortgage is at fault. Citimortgage says that they are working on a reassment, but they keep pushing back the date.


At least I see we are not the only ones that are pulling there hair out with Citimortgage… we fell behind due to a custody case… they said if we sent them a payment… it would not go into foreclosure… they cashed the check… and have not applyed it to the arrears…. I had borrowed a mortgage amount of Rs.

I was really trying not to cry. I am also having a lot of trouble with Citimortgage since my loan was sold to them by Waterfield. I asked how it can be one thing one day and something else another.

They sent foreclosure papers, 20 at a time, foreclosure on my final payment? I believe I did everything I possibly could. But, I had to leave banking because I felt like I was losing my soul. Perhaps that will help.

Once you establish that your time is also a serious cost, things like customer service might get much better real quick. I then received a statement from Citimortgage that the account was sold and to remit payment to them.

Well, it’s because CitiMortgage still had not applied the insurance and sent the mortgage to Mr Cooper instead, whose automated message says that they are a debt collection agency.

I said ok give them couple more days. This is by far the worst mortgage company ever. Here the appraiser have no comment but say foundation in good conditions and good for the loan to go through. I tried to tell the person on the phone about being told not to worry about the payments for 90 days and even mentioned the website. Their accounting department authorizatioh staffed by crack addicts.


It seems, these days, to be sufficient. Long and the short — Citimortgage is unethically practicing business and knows they have their mortgage customers against a wall. Athorization payment ends up missing, Another payment posted 3 weeks after sent, taken away access to website so I cannot view lettee information. Somehow the payment was made tot the former mortgage company in Dec and I have been hounded by at least 15 phone calls from Citimortgage about Dec payment though we have citimortgqge notice from the other mortgage company they paid the DEC.

I have also been trying for 18 months to get them to change my address. Took it upon themself to pay my Property taxes and Insurance. Does anyone have a problem accessing their website?

Citi Mortgage Letter of Authorization Time Period

I was a faithful customer with CitiMortgage. If I want to press action against them, do I contact my lawyer. I have 3 accounts with CitiMortgage: Im gonna talk to the Better Buisness Bureau and maybe talk to my representative but im not sure what is gonna happen. I just found out with only 10 days notice that they have sold my loan to Nationstar Mtg.

After the 5th phone call I still got the same answer from a stupid indian.