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Carpophilus freemani Dobson – Carpophilus freemani Nitidulidae, dorsal – Carpophilus brachypterus Superfamily Cucujoidea (Sap, Bark and Fungus Beetles). Dried-fruit Beetle – Carpophilus hemipterus Carpophilus hemipterus adults and larvae feed on the flesh of fruit, esp. those contaminated by fungi and yeasts(4). The chemical basis underlying orientation to fruit and fungal odors was investigated for the dried-fruit beetle,Carpophilus hemipterus (L.). In wind-tunnel .

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Carpophilus beetles – Bugs For Bugs

The elytra or wing covers are entire sometimes shortened to expose two or three abdominal segments. Observations on the biology and control of the dusky sap beetle in Illinois.

Carpophilus lugubriscommonly known as the dusky sap beetle is a species of beetle in the genus Carpophilus. Florida Corn Insect Identification Guide.

Catpophilus the advent of Bt corn to control fnugi earworm, one study has indicated that direct feeding damage of sap beetles on Bt corn is possible in the absence of corn earworm Dowd hence warranting chemical intervention or a suitable management protocol for these pests.

A lure trap for both monitoring and management of driedfruit beetles is available commercially. Three to four generations have been reported carpophilhs the latitude of Illinois and two in Ohio Dowd and Nelson Driedfruit beetles attack a wide variety of hosts including stone fruit, persimmons, fallen citrus, apples and figs.


However, when crops begin to ripen, the traps are selected against. These varieties are more resistant to corn earworms and carpophiluz beetle itself and therefore are less likely to be infested by sap beetles.

The adults lay their eggs in rotting or damaged fruit on the ground and the larvae develop within the fruit. The disease is carried on the body of the insect and fruit can become infected with the disease simply by contact, without the beetle actually feeding on fruit.

Languages Cebuano Svenska Winaray Edit links. In addition to damage caused by feeding, sap beetles have also been recognized as vectors of fungi Dowd Eggs are milky white and sausage shaped, and 0.

Views Read Edit View history. This allows the sap beetles to master and to adapt to extremely different types of substrates.

Dried Fruit Beetle (Carpophilus)-pest of stone fruit

Although there are many species of sap beetles, only several species are known agricultural pests of field and stored products. A yellowbrown sap beetle, Epunaea luteolus Erichsoncollected on strawberry.

Eggs are often laid on the silk of corn and have a generation time of 2—4 days. Sap beetles have demonstrated a wide range of feeding habits with the majority of the group being primarily saprophagous and mycetophagous Parsons Handbook of vegetable pests. Agricultural pest species from the genera CarpophilusStelidotaand Glischrochilus are distributed throughout Florida. Dermestes hemipterus Linnaeus Size 1. We strive to provide accurate information, but we are mostly just amateurs attempting to make sense of a diverse natural carpophilks.


Fallen fruit should be removed or destroyed regularly during summer to break the life cycle, because eggs are laid only in damaged and rotting fruit.

Occurrence of a Mermithid nematode parasite of Carpophilus lugubris Coleoptera: Baits using such material can be effective in carpoophilus and monitoring sap beetle populations, and hence determine when treatment is necessary.

The parasite keeps the larva from maturing into an adult beetle, thereby eliminating reproduction and reducing subsequent sap beetle populations.

Females reproduce primarily near decomposing plant carpopbilus. The larval body is elongate, sub-cylindrical, somewhat dorsoventrally flattened, slightly sclerotized except for hard sclerotized epicranium. The prosternum has a process produced between the front coxae.

Insect infestation of farm stored maize in South Carolina; Csrpophilus characterization of a habitat. Carpophilus beetles are strong fliers, able to travel several kilometres in search of hosts, and as such they contribute to the spread of brown rot from orchard carpophiuls orchard. Some species are stored product pests. Chemical treatment is recommended for the control of sap beetles in Florida.

Adults emerge from the pupae and attack fruit in late spring and summer.