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The American made Beseler 23CIII-XL Enlarger is one of the world’s most popular medium format enlargers. Well over half a million have been purchased since. Hey everyone! I was wondering what your thoughts on this enlarger are? I am looking to purchase it, it comes with EL-Nikkor 75mm lens f4 – f I have an offer from someone who is selling a Beseler 23C II that is in VGC. It includes a Beseler 50 mm EL (I plan on getting a nikkor, Rodagon, etc at a later .

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To focus, you move the lens stage, attached to bellows, up and down with the focus knob. Item is in your Cart.

Beseler 23C II Enlarger Thoughts?

Jan 31, 7. Best darn tool I ever had; made a zillion images and it never ever gave me any trouble.

You want to be sure the bellows are tight, and the head moves easily up and down on the rails. It has no lamp or power chord. Save Cancel Drag to set position!

There is a picture of components that may go with this enlarger but I do not know what they are. I am completely new to film but fell in love within the last few weeks.

These settings are not absolute, as the dyes in the filters will change slightly as they age. Also if you have a dump or landfill with a recycling center you can find some great stuff there, thrift brseler as well. JJC 4″ x 5.


: Beseler 23c II XL Photo Enlarger : Camera & Photo

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I am not a professional on this item. The best heads are the current 23C III series heads. The reason for this being that the emitting light is quite dim and also out of focus. Lenses, stands, bases and more. It’s a nice enlarger. But there are advantages to using a longer focal length lens: Paterson Universal tank and 2 reels- Look at the manual and it will explain the lense focus adjustment. There was a pretty neat set up for sale on Ebay so i picked it up.

Write a customer review. Have one to sell? The 23C Refurbishing Kit is designed for the 23C series enlargers. As you can see from the pictu If this does nothing to the image, check if the lens is moving at all. This might be part of your problem. Ebay is a good source for these parts. Beseler 23C II enlarger duo dichro stabilizer power supply included This is a used Beseler 23c II dark room photo enlarger with accessories pictured’ matting accessories as well.

Looks like you got a great package and hopefully at a good price. Since the 23C heads can be flipped to a horizontal position for wall projection, you can enlarge to any size only limited by the size of your darkroom! Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


Beseler 23C II Enlarger Thoughts? | ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum

Does it have a lens? You buy what you see on the item’s picture! For future reference to anyone with a similar issue: It’s been mounted in my darkroom for a year and I’ve tinkered with it here and there but have yet to produce or try to make a print. Beselsr is so solid with its twin steel frame that you can simply disregard any possibility of vibration blurring your prints.

If you don’t mind its limitations will only go up to medium format, etc this is an enlarger that could serve you well for years. Sometimes no one makes what you need for your 23C. If it is stuck, you need to service clean, lube and adjust the focusing mechanism.

This lensboard is designed for use with wide-angle “short” enlarging lenses mm.

Yesbut not color easily, unless it has a color head. Thanks all for your tips and information, I highly appreciate it! Contact the wizards of SK Grimes at http: Customers also shopped for.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I have it set to height for 35mm negs.