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“Bullshit. I saw you. I don’t need your help getting the business. You just do your work and keep those sweet little smiles to yourself.” His arms tightened on the. When Renee Guillot starts her new job with better pay and benefits, she thinks her only worry will be a lack of job security. Little does (Bedded by the Boss). Bedded by the Boss – Ebook written by Lynda Chance. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline.

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You don’t want to quit your job. Very erotic forms of persuasion. Robert Thibodeaux can’t be bothered with the mundane details of hiring his own secretary. This is another lynda Chance hit! The 2nd Lynda Chance book that I’ve read, and I kinda liked it. Want to Read saving…. Do you guys know how many trees are cut every day to make paper?

Using blackmail and intimidation to get what he wants, he soon has her under his control and embroiled in a game of ruthless seduction and sensual persuasion. James was a client of Robert that was also interested in Renee and drove Robert mad with jealously.


Keep them open for me. Dec 15, Shar rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Thrill of the Chase. She hung in his grasp while he sucked and licked her bottom lip. When Renee Guillot starts her new job with better pay and benefits, she thinks her only worry will be a lack of job security. Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. He cupped her heat through her panties. He trailed it from her throat, down between her breasts, bddded the vee between her legs.

Bedded by the Boss

When the stagecoach that is carrying Emma Martin to her new job in Denver is attacked and robbed in the wilds of Colorado, she is the only survivor. He leaned down and placed a single kiss to her lips. There where to many lose ends. Suddenly, tbe is tossed into a world of sexual chanve and dangerous temptation. Getting her out of his office and into his bed isn’t an easy maneuver An Eye for an Eye.

He lifted his head. You’ve got such pretty eyes.

Read bedded-by-the-boss-louisiana-liaisonslynda-chance

But can it still be considered harassment if she craved it, loved it, wanted it, needed it. No language that isn’t fuckpussy or cock? His voice bit out at her. Staking His Claim – ePub. He needed to maintain control. Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page?


I hated the characters and the plot didn’t make sense at all. He needed to maintain control. But that’s exactly what he wants, and it will only be a matter of time before he makes it happen.

I lie, he seemed to like his head secretary. Was the need to satiate her hunger so urgent? It was fun to watch their sizzling attraction become more. May 12, K. The heroine although ,ynda submissive was able to hold her own against this fiery man! The next day was dark and rainy and Renee was sitting at her desk when the internal phone rang. The way of speaking of the characters, they were like stupid highschoolers or college students.

The battle lines bddded drawn and the fight foe each other’s hearts are at risk it all boils down to who will strike first! In the Boss’ Bed.