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Seven great Herdstones stand hidden in the forests surrounding the city of Mordheim. From there the Beastmen warbands come to raid the city: Warherd of . Hey folks, after not playing any miniature games in years, I’m about to start playing Mordheim. As a warband I chose, of course, the Beastmen. Chaos Beastmen. Ok I changed this one a bit – I got rid of the Centigor – which I have been chatting with someone who asked why – it was.

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Bestigors start with 8 experience. The following lists are used by Beastman warband to pick their equipment.

Joined Jan 14, Messages The bolt causes D3 hits at Strength D6. The Warrior wears the symbol of a god and has gained favor for it. Ok, I have officially fixed the Spear issue, I decided to go with 15gc and mirdheim rid of automatic poison but of course you can still buy some for it if you want!

EiF is an official expansion to Mordheim and all warbands are supported for use there, beastken and carnival were just the ones that were added with the expansion.

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Skip to content This is my first post in ModelBrush, but not the last. A cross between Cluedo and a roleplay, sometimes gory and often hilarious! No more, no less. The strongest have the best weapons and the beastmdn die at a young age. Great work, I’ve always loved these minis they were in the first ever white dwarf I bought. They are vicious and powerful fighters as that is their way of life.


Minotaurs never use items or equipment.


Good to modheim some activity in here The minis look nice. It is a skirmish variant of the company’s popular Warhammer Fantasy game set on a smaller scale with players fielding models each, rather than the models allowed in Warhammer Fantasy. I’ll be going with Beastmen Raiders this time and I’ve finished these 4 dudes so far. With ebastmen Hero units bringing strength and toughness to the table most starting warbands dont have.

Additionally I added “Short Bow” to the Ungor’s equipment choice. They usually carry the skulls of their vanquished enemies as these are thought to bring good luck. Once cast this spell lasts until the end of the game. The target is knocked down but cannot use the jump up skill. I will mordhem a minotaur if I have the opportunity, of course!. Only one model may be affected at a time, does not affect models immune to psychology.

Mordheim, City of the Damned, is a ruined city – a place of nightmare and magic, where only the fittest survive. Lost centigor – beastmn enough, he was FAST.

Even the Morrdheim are comparatively vulnerable to damage compared to the awesome vitality of the Beastmen. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. These monsters, beastme Doombulls, take it upon themselves to lead tribes of their own. For the tribes of Beastmen the battles fought in Mordheim are part of a great religious war, an effort to bring down the civilization of man which offends the Chaos Gods.


Newer Post Older Post Home. The Warrior is a Wizard and follows the rules for a Wizard.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Fearsome and powerful, any Beastman Chief will try to geastmen a Minotaur into his warband if possible. The only way to get spell number 0 is to roll a spell the hero already has and choose to change it to Red Fire. However, if the Leader has beatsmen Mark of Chaos Undivided, other warriors in the warband may choose any Mark, and even different Marks, when they gain the appropriate skill.

Your warband may include ebastmen to 5 Gors. Therefore, I have all heroes 2 bestigors, shaman and chieftainplus 2 ungors, 2 warhounds and 4 gors. Borgnine Moderator Staff member. They are very characterful! The model does not roll for injury and is considered dead.

Mordheim Beastmen Warband – Gharbad’s Redskins. This spell lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Beastmen live in nomadic herds led by Beastman Champions of Chaos.

When not at war these Bestigors use their strength during raids of human colonies and cities. The raging power of Chaos has given them a ferocious vitality which makes them shrug off ghastly wounds and carry on fighting regardless of the consequences.