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Integration with Sentinel, Integrator, Gateway, and PassPort — Learn . Synchrony Database is not supported with Interchange This chapter describes the steps required to install and configure the Axway Synchrony EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Gateway so it can operate correctly . To configure Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the system opens the Axway Synchrony Login.

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To learn more about Axway’s Gateway Interchange solution, please visit: Go to the Services directory for the local machine. When the Axway Synchrony Login page opens: When the Change this integration pickup exchange page opens: Enter GetMessagesInformation in the Description field.

Axway: Synchrony Gateway Interchange | EBXML

In the Summary screen, click the Application Pickup icon, and add an application pickup. Select the machine to add the node to from the Computer name drop-down list. GetMessageInfo in the Class name field. In the Add a node screen: Go to the following URL: More than 11, customers in a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, consumer product goods, government and automotive sectors utilise Axway solutions to securely transport mission-critical business information and effectively manage trade partnerships and communications.


Axway Gateway Interchange certified for ebXML messaging interoperability by Drummond Group®

Open the following URL: When the Pick an integration pickup exchange window opens: The first time you perform this task, the system creates tables in the database.

Enter GetMessagesInformation in the Description field.

When the wizard opens the Enter profile path page: In the Community screen, click the Community name. Verify that the E2B XML file is configured with proper routing IDs for both the send and the receiver before dropping the file into the Axway Synchrony outbound folder. In the Certificate screen, click the Trusted root certificates tab, and click the Add a trusted root certificate link.

Gatewayy the System management page opens with the newly created node: An alternative way of starting the Axway Synchrony server is to use the Command Prompt. Place the mouse over the Trading Configuration icon.

When the Successful profile import page opens: The status of the node changes to Running. These files should be identical.


When the Pick an integration pickup exchange screen appears, click Logout. Go to the Summary Page, and click Configure the settings for application delivery. Provide the following grants to the Axway Synchrony DB user: Do not close this dialog box until the Server Startup Complete status appears. This completes the folder configuration for outgoing binary transmissions.

Create a blank Axway Synchrony instance, if it does not already exist. When the system opens the GatewayInterchageService Properties dialog box: Description of the illustration axway.

The status of the node changes to Starting. If you receive a summary where the Routing ID is not displayed, you must add the sender’s Routing ID manually, as listed from Steps 9 – In the Configure the file system settings screen: Testing Communication Use the following procedure to test communication for Axway Synchrony Interchange.

When the Inline processing rules appear: Click Add a community.