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The Next New Building Code – ACI 11/01/ Approximately three and one half years ago, I had the opportunity to address the Institute from this page. Title: ACI Provisions for Seismic Design of Structural Walls of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Building Code, ACI Title: /R Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete & Because the ACI Building Code is written as a legal document so that it may be.

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This manual is also a valuable aid to educators, contractors, materials and products manufacturers, building code authorities, inspectors, and others invloved in the design, construction, and regulation of concrete structures.

Because the ACI Building Code is written as a legal document so that it may be adopted by reference in a general building code, it cannot present background details or suggestions for carrying out its requirements or itent. ACI University is a global, online learning resource, providing on-demand access to a wide range of topics on concrete materials, design, and construction.

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International Concrete Abstracts Portal. The quality and testing of materials used in construction are covered by reference to the appropriate ASTM standard specifications.

As I said previously, the Building Code is a reflection of the state-of-the-art in concrete construction, as determined by the work of all of you through the technical committees of the Institute. Remember, the version of ACI that is incorporated by reference in IBC is the legally adopted code that will be used by most municipalities as their building code.

All of the members of the committee understood that we would publish an interim code in and a major 31899 one in New provisions for evaluating flexural strength and detailing requirements at acu of reinforced concrete structural walls were incorporated into the version of the American Concrete Institute ACI Building Code, ACI Second, the plus differences that had existed in UBC would be carried forward to 318-999 as plus modifications to Shortly after our committee started work inthe three model code groups came together and formed a new body, known as the International Code Council ICC.


I can be reached through ACI headquarters or at my office: Where previously the ACI document was used by the three model code groups, it will now be used by only one in the IBC We on Committee undertook the task of minimizing those differences between IBC and the new version of ACI that would be referenced.

The emphasis is placed on “how to use” the code. Appears on pages s: Background codee illustrative examples are presented to demonstrate important concepts and appropriate use. Since it is the intention of ICC to publish a building code every three years starting in the yearACI will attempt to publish in,and so on.

The Next New Building Code – ACI

In recent history, there have been three recognized model building code agencies in the United States. I can be reached through ACI headquarters or at my office:.

References to much of the research data referred to in preparing the code are cited for the user desiring to study individual questions in greater detail. The proposed revisions to to be incorporated in are included at the end of this issue of Concrete International. The first approach can be applied to xode wall sections and involves checking a 0.

1. ACI 318 99

EB is Out of Print. This document was replaced by EB Each is used in different geographical areas of the U.


These are exciting times that require a change in our organizational approach as well as our publishing schedule. Other documents that provide suggestions for carrying out the cod of the code are also cited.

The text and design examples have been revised to reflect, where possible, comments received from users of the ai who suggested improvements in wording, identified errors, and recommended items for inclusion or deletion. For this, we still have another hearing to go through in March but, assuming the version of ACI is accepted to be the referenced document for the design of concrete structures, the number of modifications will be close to ten instead of the 60 plus which existed in UBC.

/R Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete & Commentary

The code has been written in such form that it may be adopted by reference in ckde general building code and earlier editions have been widely used in this manner. Little did we know what the future held. The moment capacity of wall cross sections is based on a strain compatibility analysis, and two approaches are afi to determine whether specially detailed boundary elements are required.

However, a newer version of this document exists. It is the function of this commentary to fill this need. The ACI provisions apply to both slender and stout walls, and walls with openings.